In this article we want to focus caching issue related to Safari browser in Apple device .Some time it happen that our Safari browser not load webpages in correct even after a good internet speed.Basically such kind of problem happens when our browsers cahce becomes corrupted to solve this issue we have to delete all cache and delete all installed cookies on browsers in this way you will delete all the problematic data from your Safari browser to do this you have to tweak some setting on the browser.Here we will show you how to solve this issue in MAC OS and Apple iPhone.

How to Empty the cache and delete cookies from the Safari in MAC OS

Open Safari browser in your MAC computer then click on Safari menu and go to Reset Safari as like below screen.delete history in safari for mac

In open window check the two options Empty the cache and Delete Cookies and click the reset button after that which will located in the bottom right corner of window.delete cookies in safari for mac os

Now you can restart the browser and connect to your desired URL without any loading issue.

How to Clear all History on iPhone

If your are using a iPhone then it is so easy to delete all history and website data for Sarari browser for that navigate to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data after that tap on clear button.delete history in iPhone

After that you can easily access your desired website in iOS device.

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