Access two Gmail accounts at once in the same browser

Google product is awesome, you see today Google inc fulfill your needs by creating great products, if you count the product of Google so it will be more then 100 product running simultaneously, users usually ask question related to Google product such as how to do this and that, we cover how to open multiple Gmail account in single google chrome browser without logged out.

Gmail is most popular free email service provided by Google inc where people can send receive emails using very simply, you know what happen before some time you can only open one email account in single browser weather it is any browser Google chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, all the given list is most popular browser in the world, you can do many thing using single Google chrome browser.

Company provide a facility to move by single click from one email to another to see whats going on with other email account, even not only this, you can logged in with rest of Google products such as Google webmaster, Google Analytics, Google tag Manager, Google plus, Google play store, Google Adsense, Google maps, Google email, Google Translate etc, this option will save our time to type email and password all the time, you have to add account and switch between them. Other way to open emails is incognito window in your browser, but this option will help you to open multiple emails simultaneously without incognito window.

for that you need to some small effort so that work will be hassle free

Add your Google Accounts one by one in Same Window of Browser

  • Open your browser and go to link where you can Google Gmail log-in
  • Logged in with first email account by typing email and it’s password now it will give you an mail profile photo right corner with written email accounts.How to Sign In to Multiple Gmail Accounts At the Same Time
  • Now click on  that email or photo it will shows you an options now Add Account click on that.How to sign in to multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously
  • Then it will ask you to type new email and password now it will complete to access email accounts in single window.

All the setting will be different for each account, you can move from one account to another with any Google products. Now you can add as many accounts you want.

Setting is different for each email account

If we discuss about settings, so its different for each email account, history saved and password as well, we mean for other Google product related, email settings such as input output, font, POP, IMAP, setting will be different for each accounts, you can manage we and apps from single email, so you can change it’s particular setting for both platform.

Sign-out process for email accounts

You can easily sign-out email from single button, and when we have an email account logged out, then the other account also will be automatically logged out.

In above details we mentions all the necessary points which users always ask to solve, also you can make single password for each email account so that easy to remember quickly.

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