In the old operating system, you will get lot of change options.these all option you will get little change, users always want to see their hidden data without any hassle, but before that they should know how to hide data files, folders, and drives without any hassle.

Now let’s talk, how you can perform these operations in Windows 10, because it’s new os from Microsoft, so users don’t know how to see these all options and use them to display hidden folders, so simple to get folder without much effort.

Steps to show hidden Files, folders in your PC

  • just open your computer drive from this pc options and choose see at top, there are lot’s of options to change many settings in computer.
  • Choose an option view and Options¬†then it will shows you new windows after clicking on options.How to See Hide Data, Folder, Files in Windows 10
  • Where you will get 3 tabs one is general, view, and search, you need to click on view tab, now you will get option for hidden folder and to see hidden data in Windows 10
  • You will see options to change setting of hide folders files, you need to click on Show hidden files, folders, and drives then apply OK.

There are several method to change setting of hidden folders using command prompt, by graphical user interface, but all the users easily can change by using simple graphical interface.

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