setting up email account for SMTP server to send and receive emails

Gmail allow users to send and receive email from many sources, email work around two important protocol one is POP and SMTP sometimes Google Gmail sometimes suddenly stopped sending my business emails due to error with your email account, you need to solve errors step by step. Today you can configure multiple other email accounts with single Gmail account using SMTP and POP server with Secured connection using TLS and Secured connection using SSL, need to follow some small steps very securely. How to Fix Authentication failed. Please check your username password. error

Sending as another address and receiving as a same address choosing your port number and authentication type for setting up other email account with your Gmail account, this will help you to manage multiple email accounts from single account.  If you would like to send and receive mails as a different email address using the other domain SMTP servers, you’ll need to choose a port and authentication protocol that is supported by the other mail provider, need to change some setting with Gmail and your other mail configuration to fix the issue.What does it mean if my mail provider doesn’t support either SSL or TLS to connect to their mail servers

Using some other setting you can easily fix mail clients with your email accounts when you access an email account through a desktop email application such as “Microsoft Outlook 2000® for Windows®”, the email application will require specific information about your email account. You can use the auto-configure options below to attempt to automatically configure your email application. If the available options are not compatible with your application, use the Manual Settings information.Configure your email client with Gmail account for SMTP Server

Automatic Configuration Scripts 

The available mail client autoconfiguration scripts are listed below. Select the script for your mail client and operating system.Fix other Email Account with Gmail

Fix for Sending and Receiving email through Single Gmail account for other domains Email account

  • All the setting you have to make with your Gmail account to fix that issue
  • Open your Gmail account by typing your email and password
  • Then login with other email account which is hosted on other server, other domain email account
  • Most of the time email account hosted with Cpanel and you want to receive all the email for other domain to Gmail, means all emails operated from single Gmail account
  • After login to Cpanel email and Gmail account just to top of the right where you will be get Gear sign, that’s setting of Gmail account, then choose setting option which you will get SETTING of Gmail account.
  • Then go to forth options Accounts and Import where you have to add another email account, and choose option Send mail as: (Use Gmail to send from your other email addresses) where default email account listed, you need to click on, click on Add another email address you own
  • It will shows one new popup window where you have to make changes and fill your data to Send mail through your SMTP server you need to fill data SMTP Server:, Username: and Password: and select port number and choose Secured connection using TLS (recommended) and click on Add Account
  • Put username as your email id and password is same as your email, after clicking on Add account, sometimes it will give you an option error Authentication failed. Please check your username/password. [Server response: DNS Error: Address resolution of failed: Domain name not found code(0) ] you can solve this error by putting your SMTP from Cpanel
  • For solving above error we define below how to solve it
  • Now fixing this issue by adding email and click on Add account, then it will send confirmation code where you get code, put this code to your window, then it will automatically will verify your account
  • Then your work is finished, now you can test emails by sending and receiving emails from that account which you add. If all it right it will properly will receive and send emails from that account
  • To fix sending and receiving mails from single account, you need to choose an option in Gmail, when replying to a message: and choose Reply from the same address the message was sent to 

Usually users getting errors with Gmail account when they add new account to sending and receiving email into their Gmail account, error is Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.  [Server response: DNS Error: Address resolution of failed: Domain name not found code(0)

This error due to the reason and what is the solution for that

    1. Wrong SMTP server with some mail providers you will get smtp into their setting page of each mail, just go to the mail and click 2nd option configure email client, with this setting you can easily get SMTP/POP and port number for your particular email accounts
    2. Wrong username usually username would be email address
    3. It could be wrong password, user always put Gmail password, but you don’t need to put Gmail password, just put other email password which you want to add.
    4. Then select Secured connection using TLS (recommended) its recommended by Google to choose, after doing all these changes your mail will start work and remove the error by default

This post will help users to fix Send mail through your SMTP server, where you can add mail account to sending and receiving mails using Add another email address you own, with same email account can fix Reply from the same address the message was sent to make default email to sending and receiving mail Always reply from default address (currently [email protected]).

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