Although you can so easily send media files (image, audio and video) using WhatsApp but to send a heavy files difficult for us in WhatsApp to solve this problem four Youngster from Kerala in India has developed an app using this you can send your music, video, movie or any other files up to 1GB to your friend in WhatsApp.Right now this app is only available for Android 4.1 and up versions of Android OS and it is Available in Google Play store.If you want to send files up to 1GB you need to download and install WhatsTools in your device size of this app is around 8.5 MB.

Here we will learn how to use WhatsTools in your Smartphone so that you can send large files from your WhatsApp account follow the instructions given below.

How to Use WhatsTools in WhatsApp for Sending Large Size (Up to 1GB) Files

  1. To send the heavy files from your WhatsApp, you need to download and install WhatsTools in your Smartphone.After installing you will see a setup wizard follow this to open accessibility service after that you will get permission for file sharing from WhatsTools.
  2. After that WhatsTools will be connected with Google drive and you can easily share your file it uses Google drive as a cloud platform.
  3. After activating WhatsTools go to attachment menu of your WhatsApp now, you will see options of WhatsTools now you can attach files from this location to transfer them.
  4. Now receiver will get a link on clicking on that link downloading will start.
  5. WhatsTools included with lots of good features you can send any format of file like an ebook, Mp3, Mp4, PDF, JPG, GIF.
  6. You can also pause or resume your downloading file when your internet connection is slow or any other reason.

Apart from sending large size files, WhatsTools also has an inbuilt video player using this you can play Mp3, Mp4, and GIF files there is no need to install another app for that.It also supports instant messaging app installed in WhatsApp.It also has some security feature if someone send you corrupt file then receiver available in WhatsTools will not download such kind of files in your device.

So What you think about this new WhatsApp tool for transferring heavy files.Try this app in your WhatsApp account and tell us about that.

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