Increase the security of your PayPal accounts

Most of the users confuse about how to improve PayPal account security to protect from hackers, is there some tips to manage PayPal account in a better way, every online user need to secure virtual money using follow some security tips. Today in a global online world you prevent your personal things from hackers and unwanted frauds, PayPal says that we keep your money in one, more secure account. We protect buyers’ and sellers’ financial information. Send and receive payments, anywhere in the world. We’ve got your back while you do. You should be very cautious, if you are in an online world, secure your accounts and data from hackers.Online Security- Seller & Buyer Protection for Fraud - PayPal

There is a very simple process to connect your bank account with PayPal, using to give some personal details to PayPal, such as name, email, PAN card, address, phone number and country. You can open a business or personal account with PayPal to manage your payment quickly, usually; users use Paypal to send and receive money from other countries, buy something in return.How To Keep Your Paypal Account Safe From Hackers

Now we completed the process from account creation with PayPal and two important PayPal account type, let’s jump into the security part of your PayPal account by adding some important features.

Most Important Way to secure your PayPal account from Fraud

  1. Secure Your Gmail Account by Adding two-factor authentication.
  2. Secure your Device by adding genuine antivirus on your computer, laptop, and desktop.
  3. Change your PayPal account timely and make it Strong.
  4. Never share your PayPal Password with anyone else on the Internet.
  5. Always check PayPal URL when you type Username and password.
  6. Use a different password than your personal emails and facebook.
  7. Add some security Question on Your PayPal account.
  8. Create your mobile PIN with your account.
  9. Never save your PayPal password with Browsers.
  10. Never share your PayPal password with anyone else.
  11. Always logout after complete your Work with PayPal account.Simplify Life, Improve Security with PayPal

Rest of Security option related to your PayPal account you will get after login to your PayPal account, by typing username and password, and choose Gear sign and then choose second option Security, in which you will get a security of change password, enable security question, Mobile number and PIN, enable Security key. After following all above given steps, your PayPal account will be impossible to hack.

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