If you are using Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10 then be aware because your privacy is in danger as in Windows 10 OS a built in feature Encryption is available this feature saves the recovery key of a user in Microsoft’s server due to this reason the danger on your security will double.

By default, this feature comes enable in new Windows 10 device as this feature is so important but also can be dangerous in some situation this feature ensure that your data will be safe and secure in your computer but according to a new report this good feature can create a big problem for you.

According to that report if you sign in your Microsoft account (Using Outlook or Live Mail) using Windows 10 device that means Microsoft has saved your disk encryption key on his server.Now if anyone hack your Microsoft account then he can easily get your recovery key in the same way if anyone hack Microsoft server then it also put your privacy in danger.

How to Save From This Danger of Windows 10

Windows 10 users can log-in in Microsoft account to see the encryption key is stored or not if it is stored their then you can remove this key after doing this Microsoft will remove all the copies of key from its server in case if some users didn’t find their key on Microsoft account then don’t worry about that you don’t need to do anything may be the reason behind is that they are not using Microsoft account or Encryption key is disable on their Windows 10 device.

Apart from this, you can also turn off Encryption key from your Windows device’s settings area if you didn’t find any option for encryption key then don’t worry about that, you are using such kind of Windows device  where TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for encryption is not available.

Although we know that hacking a Microsoft server or your account (if you have properly configured your outlook or Live Mail account) is not an easy task but these steps are necessary to save your privacy.

What you think about this loophole of Windows 10 please share your thoughts on it.

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