Seagate 6TB 3.5inch Hard Disk Drive ST6000DM003 $10 GearBest Coupon for Global Users

Seagate is one of the most popular brands which offers data storage devices such as hard disk, flash drive and external hard drives, the Seagate headquarters based on California US, and the brand also offer HDD or SSD drives as well today we have Seagate 6TB hard drive with $10 GearBest discount coupon where you can buy it for $169.99 with free shipping option and there are Black Friday offer and PayPal discount also available, but it takes more than 8 days with free shipping option.

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Few year back people think that 512GB storage is enough for we all but now companies offering 1TB, 4TB, and Up to 15TB for retail users like us, there are few good brands available in the market, and that time external hard drives cost double or maybe triple sometimes, This Seagate 6TB hard drives comes with large capacity where you can store your data such as pictures, videos, docs, and if you are dedicated YouTuber so this much amount of storage will help you to keep videos backup for futures.Seagate 6TB 3.5inch Hard Disk Drive ST6000DM003 Coupon Code $10 GearBest

The Seagate 6TB hard drive exact mode name is ST6000DM003, and the drive offers faster data transfer speed up to 600Mb per second and 256Mb cache and drive rotate on 5900 RPM, and equipped with standard 4K sectors which help to perform quickly and save more power. For the dimensions & weight, its 14.70 cm x 10.16 cm x 2.61 cm and 610 grams weight, even more, it has Seagate SeaTools software included, and power mode is idle, read, sleep, standby, write and values are 0.25 Watt, 3.4 Watt, 5.3 Watt, the best part of this offer is available for global users.

Seagate 6TB Hard Drive Key Features:

  • 6TB Storage Capacity
  • SATA Interface
  • Silver Color Option
  • Offer 600Mb/s speed
  • 70 cm x 10.16 cm x 2.61 cm
  • 610 Grams Weight.

Seagate 6TB 3.5inch Hard Disk Drive Price

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