Although we already hear more rumors and leaks about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 Smartphone now Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy S7 will be announced on February 21 and many reports suggests that Samsung will release this device Sometime in March.Now we have spotted three variants of the Galaxy S7 flagship which cleared the 3C certification authority in china which is a compulsory Certification in China for electronics.

The 3C certification gives us a little information about Phone’s specifications it shows different variants of the device as well as the launch time in China.It’s also said that one a device model passes through 3C and TENNA certifications only after that device goes on sale in the country.

There are three variants of Samsung Galaxy S7 spotted on the list SM-G9308, SM-G9300 and SM-G350- While the first two models (SM-G9308 and SM-G9300) are Galaxy S7 model and third model (GM-G350) is Galaxy S7 edge model.All the three devices support fast charging features at 9V 1.67A and 5V 2A.Although there no more information revealed in listing regarding specifications of these devices but we are hopeful that specifications will be revealed when the models pass through China’s another certification agency (TENAA).The company has also released the teaser video of Galaxy event which scheduled on 21 February next month.

As the three variants of Samsung Smartphone have passed through 3C certification we hope to see more details in upcoming days So, stay tuned for more information.

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