Everyone love music  and  most of us listen music in each day as only MP3 devices were the only medium to listen music in early 2000 but gradually digital and streaming services replaced the MP3 devices in recent years .Among  these devices Smartphone became quite popular to listen music ,streaming videos ,Play Game and lots of other activity .These types of changes are significant because everyone want to listen music on portable device with lot’s of other function and such kind of thing we can only achieve through Smartphone there is an increasing demand for Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQA) and Samsung is Planning to give there user an Ultra High Quality Audio with there upcoming  Galaxy Smartphone series.

Samsung has been at the pioneer in sound quality technology because Samsung launched the cell phone with SPH-100 also known as the UPRoar in 2000 that was the first mobile with built in MP3 features it creates a standard and became a must have feature in mobile phone after that Samsung introduced  SoundAlive audio software but  the real audio quality began with there debut of the Galaxy series smatphone.The Galaxy Note 3 was the first Smartphone to support UHQA with 192kHz and 24 bit stereo at this quality of sound user can hear music in a way that musician and sound engineer heard whey the recording was produced in the last year this has become the new standard for Smartphone.if you truly want to take advantage of such sound quality then you will need a headphones,earphones or speakers are  also required Samsung has used Adopt sound technology in Galaxy S4 through this user can optimize and customize audio quality by their own requirement .

The Galaxy S6 is also featured with soundAlive ,sound Adopt and the best part is it has the best quality codec chip in the industry but the best is yet to come Samsung continuously  working on sound technology and in upcoming days we can see these changes in their Smartphone .The Next Generation Galaxy devices will be more better than before as you will feel like you are listening a live concert on your headphone .

It is Samsung’s Ultimate Goal to achieve a best quality sound in Smartphone which will more real like original source of sound .Organic Sound that will feel like a live music concert may be possible with Samsung’s next generation Galaxy Smartphone we will be pleased to find such kind of upgraded sound quality with their Smartphone let see what sound quality Samsung will bring us in upcoming days please submit your thoughts on this post by comment section.

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