Samsung’s  conference held in India on 31 July 2015, and they have confirmed some Gear  A specification and features in that event  held in Bangalore India the main features which can attract  most of us is that it’s rotating bezel  and the Tizen OS as according to rumors may be Moto 360 sequel have been quiet this year but that has not been the case with Gear Orbis although we have not so much specification details of Samsung Gear A and what it will look like but Samsung has confirmed several detail about their Smartwatch at the Tizen Developer Summit in Bangalore ,India.

Samsung confirm that Gear A will be a round display with 360×360 resolution which is higher than OG Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane a rotating bezel for control scheme it will allow you to move through menu and do other tech tasks  so it will be interesting to see what Samsung give a different function and feature as compare to Apple watch let see specification of Samsung Gear A based on rumors around the web.

There will be three Model known as:

  • The Next Gear
  • Gear S
  • Gear/Gear2

Display Size and type:

  • 360x360px ,round screen  with super AMOLED display (For The Next Gear Model)
  • 2.0inchs(360x480px),Rectangular screen (curved)  (For Gear S Model)
  • 1.63inchs(320x320px),Square screen (For Gear/Gear2 Model)

Ratio and PPI:

  • 1:1 with 305ppi (For The Next Gear Model)
  • 3:4 with 300ppi (For Gear S Model)
  • 1:1 with 278ppi (For Gear/Gear2 Model)

2G/3G Connection:

  • Only included in The Next Gear and Gear S Model

Camera and infrared LED:

  • Only included with Gear 2 Model


  • Only included with The Next Gear and Gear S Model

Sensors included  Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heartbeat monitor, Pressure sensor, and Magnetic sensor.

As Orbis will feature a rotating bezel it will work similar to the smart crown on the Apple Watch ,but we will rotate the bezel in Samsung watch instead of scrolling ,zooming in Apple crown watch.Rotating bezel will be the big feature in Samsung’s Smart Watch, at which price we will get those wearable device we do not know yet but one  thing that may be disappointed us that Samsung want to exclusion of Android OS in wearable device but what will be the final product come we will see it in upcoming time .

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