Few days earlier we got news that the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro was in the works for Chinese market and today we have more information that confirms that device exists as a new listing on Zauba which tracks import and export for India confirms that next flagship device of Samsung for it’s a series lineup and also indicate that the device is in the final stage of testing.Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Zauba

 The Samsung Galaxy A9 pro has recently entered in India for testing.There are 4 units of devices have been imported into India from South Korea out of which 1 unit reached to Bangalore and other 3 units reached  to Delhi.

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The Smartphone model number is SM-A9100 which was imported into Delhi and Bangalore on 28th January and 2nd February respectively and there is a price difference between two dates.The device that was landed in Delhi priced at INR 12,271 while the other unit in Bangalore reported having a value of INR 24,179 although these are the import value and we can expect much higher prices for Samsung Galaxy A9 pro.

Apart from the info, the listing also confirms the size of the Smartphone which will be 6.0 inches.The display on the device expected to Quad HD (1440×2560 pixels) as compare to 1080×1920 pixels in A9 Smartphone and it may also come with 4GB of RAM.Some readers also suggested that Samsung Galaxy A9 pro might be Windows 10 based Smartphone variant of A9 but we can speculate this device will also based on Android platform instead of Windows 10 as we can see that Microsoft’s mobile Operating system is not much popular as like Android or iOS and its popularity is decreasing year by year so in such condition we are not sure that Samsung will waste its resources for Windows 10 Smartphone.

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