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OUKITEL C5 ProOUKITEL has really done a pretty adequate job at creating a mobile that feels like it could be more expensive than $75. Many Chinese phone brands provide handset in the entry level grade and it’s possible for these to be offered at price points that are exceptionally competitive, like this budget favorable OUKITEL C5 Pro that will surely cost you about $75 to get started. OUKITEL isn’t a well-known brand beyond China, but they’re a reasonably good sized Smartphone brand in China, plus quite several different device, the most of latest of which that we have reviewed here is the C5 Pro are really produced by them.

Is the C5 Pro from OUKITEL worth the entry level is would you be better off placing that money towards something which costs just a little extra or cost though. The OUKITEL C5 Pro as said comes along with an assortment of entry level hardware, as well as when it comes in at under $100, that’s to be anticipated. For the price however, you are still getting adequate enough hardware for the costs. Not surprisingly, Pro C5 comes along with at least one additional in the carton like a lot of the other mobile phones that are Chinese that people have reviewed.

Whilst the OUKITEL C5 Pro can be a handset that is very low-cost, it will not always need to possess quality construction to match the cost. OUKITEL has really done a pretty adequate job at creating a mobile that feels like it could be more expensive than $75. The C5 Pro comes along with a metal framework with chamfered edges, as well as a thin plastic battery cover that you could remove for adding the SIM card and also the microSD cards as well as swapping out the battery. The C5 Pro only has one speaker plus it sits involving the underside right corner along with the center on the rear of the device and that means you will not fully cover it up when keeping it in landscape or portrait style for games or video, something which would have been considerably more inevitable if OUKITEL put the speaker on the base.

Like just about every budget that is other device that is Chinese, the OUKITEL C5 Pro includes a screen that isn’t truly awful, but it isn’t a glowing beacon of superiority either. In the event that you’re a person who has not actually had a Smartphone before then you’ll probably not be disappointed with what is on offer here, but if you are normally used to higher end devices that do not skimp on hardware then you can locate the screen on the C5 Pro a bit lacking. Within my personal experience, the screen was just great for the week approximately of use, but I’m also more used to Full HD screens as the last few private day-to-day drivers I Have had all came with Full HD screens, and there’s less of the distinction between these and the High Definition screen on the C5 Pro. Apart from the lower quantity of clarity however, the OUKITEL C5 Pro has color contrasts, as well as an OK screen with regards to brightness.

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