How to Restart Your Wifi Router Remotely

There are hundreds of companies manufacture router for public usage in which we can connect more than one computer, even with some routers you can easily connect more than 100 computer or devices you want, all the routers wifi routers are wireless in which you can operate it using ip address, you have to type an IP address on your browser and type username and password admin, admin by default. You don’t need to walk around your whole house to do single things, just got to browser and type an IP address and go to tab of restart and press restart button.

There are two important method to restart your wifi router, using pressing button and other one is by ip address and setting tabs, both working principle are equal, you have to require to restart your router when internet stop working sometimes, the issue solved sometimes after restart your router.Remotely Reboot Your Router from Any Browser

LAN – The following parameters apply to the LAN port of the Router. You can configure them in the Network -> LAN page. MAC Address – The physical address of the Router, as seen from the LAN. IP Address – The LAN IP address of the Router. Subnet Mask – The subnet mask associated with LAN IP address.

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How to Restart WIfi Router Remotely

  • Open your wifi router by typing url, or your router default IP address, we are using iBall baton router
  • Choose an option Maintenance >> System/maintenance
  • There are multiple options included Restart, password, diagnose, factory reset, system logs, statics
  • You have to click on Restart button, it will give you an option after pressing button Click this button to restart the device.
  • Few second later approx. 50 it will  automatically reopen after restarting, on the same IP address

You can perform these above given options with any routers, just give some effort to search setting which is related to restart, because there are different setting for diff companies devices, this is best and safest way to reboot your router remotely.

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