As  we all know that more and more Smartphone are  coming in market with metal built body and many people prefers them over plastic or glass material body because such type of Smartphone looks good and not broke in critical conditions but there is one barrier when we want to charge such type of phone without wire we can’t do it right now but recent announcement of Qualcomm make it possible soon.

The  solution of this barrier is Qualcomm’s Wi Power technology which is complaint with the Rezence wireless power standard we have not much details about this technology that how it will work  but wireless charging process seems to  be like other method .It will charge the device on frequency bases as Qualcomm used in Wi Power technology but this time it will tolerant for metal objects that comes between your wireless charger and your Smartphone.

This new technology of Qualcomm also allows to charge multiple device at a time if they are in the range of charging pad. Companies who would like to  adopt the the  Rezence wireless power standard for them Qualcomm is making this technology available from 28th July 2015.Many companies already using Qi and PMA charging Standard  for wireless charging so it will be interesting to see that how many companies switch to this new technology standard in upcoming days .For more info you can check the video which is attached to this post. You can also submit your thought to comment section of this post.

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