Secure your Facebook account in six easy steps

Facebook is most useful platform for all users those who want to stay connected with virtual world from single place, we usually use Facebook account on daily or hourly basis, and you have to take care of your Facebook account befor it being hacked, generally Nowadays, people of their Facebook account, do not save as much, you should be aware of about your account.

Usually most of the hackers group target Facebook and twitter account these both are social media website and micro blogging website most targeted website for all hackers, first thing you need to remember about your account security is that from where you are logged in with your account so that you can secure, you need to customize your Facebook account privacy accordingly.

17 Step Tips to Secure your Facebook Account from Being Hacked

Now a days Facebook account is no less than a bank account, users try to safe it using Facebook’s global settings restrict access to and use of your posts, photos, and other information, well you can easily secure your Facebook account by following these few easy steps.

  1. Choose Strong password for your Facebook account
  2. Make your email and Facebook password strong
  3. Choose Facebook Best Privacy setting to secure your account
  4. Never open your account in unwanted devices
  5. Do not allow third party app to access your personal data
  6. Use best antivirus with your computer or mobile device
  7. Limit access to you and your Facebook account data
  8. Download Your Facebook Information
  9. Add and Confirm your mobile number for security and notification about logged in
  10. Secure your web Browsers for unwanted hacks
  11. Check and set Login Approvals setting in Facebook account
  12. For celebrity create your own personal page for security
  13. Add only those friends, those who is your real life friends
  14. Always disconnect Previous Active Sessions if you want to use other device
  15. Don’t choose setting such as Keep me logged in and save password in browsers
  16. Avoid Spam message and links
  17. Always try to Sign-out your Facebook account after use

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