Use firewall to prevent from Virus, SPAM, Unwanted attacks

You are lucky one because of you are using Windows 10 OS, which is very fast and secure OS, Windows 10 brings with tons of new cool features which will impress users, best feature is comes with new browsers, virtual desktop, cortana and security.

Firewalls will help you to protect from unwanted attack, which perform by hackers to steel data using networks, they can crash your machine, steel your credit card info, its all depends on which OS you are using on your computer to protecting those unwanted attack you can make best important settings, try to Never turn off your firewall.How to secure your computer using windows defender

You will get pre-installed firewall setting in windows 10, to use it in proper way make sure to check your setting for firewall, some uses think that firewall is like a anti-malware or anti-virus, firewall help your computer protect from hacker and unwanted attack, anti-virus apps will help to protect from viruses and anti-malware apps help protect against malware.
Windows Setting for Firewall

we will give you all the information and setting for Windows Firewall from start to finish, in windows 10 you will get these above three things in Windows defenders, with Windows 10 operating system you don’t need to install antivirus or other two anti-malware and firewall, all you will get in single apps.

If we discuss about setting about firewall in Windows 10, so these all recommended setting you will get in Windows 10 OS, pre-installed setting make best for antivirus, anti-malware and firewall, we recommend you please don’t install more then one firewall apps on your computer it cause a serious problem, Windows Firewall comes with Windows and is turned on by default.

Use recommended  setting for firewall :

  • The firewall setting should be on for all network connections.

  • The firewall is blocking all inbound connections except those that you specifically allow.

  • The firewall should be on for all network types (Private, Public, or Domain).

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