Letv Super Helmet 3D VR Headset Specifications

Letv Super Helmet 3D VR Headset Specifications
Brand: LeEco (Letv)
Category: Virtual and Augmented Reality Headsets
  • Field of View: 70 Degree
  • Refresh Rate: 45Hz
  • Reality Type: Virtual Reality (VR) Headset
  • Processing Source: Smartphone
  • Release Time: Feb 2016
  • Connectivity: Wired Connectivity USB Type C interface

Technical Expert Opinions and Rating

The product overall rating and highlights is based on review by our technical experts. All ratings have been selected out of 10.

7.2 3.6 1
  • Field of View 7 / 10
  • Refresh Rate 7 / 10
  • Processing Source 7 / 10
  • Features of Headset 8 / 10
  • Price of Headset 7 / 10

Key Feature

  • Device Type – 3D VR Head-Mounted Glasses Virtual Reality
  • Brnad – Letv
  • Model – Super Helmet or Super Helmet 3D VR Head-Mounted Glasses
  • Suitable size – 5.5 inches Sharp liquid crystal panel 2560 x 1440 resolution
  • Optical lens diameter – 37.5mm and 51.5mm
  • Weight – 450 grams
  • Battery – Li-ion battery 5V 1.5A input, with power consumption less than 6W
  • Interpupillary distance – 60 – 70mm
  • USB Type C interface – Connect to smartphone for MHL input
  • USB interface – Connect with bank power or charging device for power supply
  • Game time – Depends on Phone and VR Battery Backup
  • Compatible with – Letv 1, Letv 1 Pro and Letv Max smartphone.
  • Lens – Concave and convex dual lens
  • Nano – Coating Technology High transmittance.
  • Support 1080P 60fps video
  • CPU – Unknown
  • Material – Glass, PC.

Letv Super Helmet 3D VR The Cheapest Price Comparision

Detailed Technical Specifications

General Information

  • Reality Type Currently, there are three types of reality headsets which support virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or both AR and VR reality headset.VR headsets are designed for games, music, and other experiences in a digital world, while AR headsets are made for real world interaction which enhances the wearer's real life experience by interacting with computer generated graphics
    Virtual Reality (VR) Headset
  • Processing Source Processing source means the connected device to the reality headset which provides content to the wearer.A Smartphone-based Virtual reality or Augmented reality headsets are mostly used by the people all around the globe and Smartphone based reality headsets are relatively low in costs. while computer-based, console-based, or built-in processor reality headsets are more expensive but they do not have technical limitations as like Smartphone based reality headsets such types of headsets require less memory and processing power in terms of graphics which provides the higher quality of experience for a wearer. Built-In: Such types of VR and AR reality headsets do not require a connected source such as the computer, smart phone, or game console in order to serve the content for users because such types of reality headsets have built-in processing power embedded inside the headset.
    It Relies on Smartphones ex. Letv 1, Letv 1 Pro and Letv Max smartphone
  • Weight of Headset Weight of Headset in grams or pound.
    450 Grams
  • Dimensions of Headset Dimensions of Headset in mm.
    17.34 x 11.48 x 9.48 cm (6.81 x 4.51 x 3.73 inch)
  • Max Retail Price Maximum Price of VR or AR Virtual reality headset.

Viewing Details of Reality Headset

  • Field of View Field of view is one of the important features, in reality, headsets.The wider the field of view is, the more wearer will feel the content in better sense, humans are capable of seeing almost in an 180-degree field of view the average field of view for a VR or AR reality headset is about 100 degree
    70 Degree
  • Refresh Rate Refresh Rate is one of the key specifications for each AR or VR reality headsets, the faster the refresh rate the less your will lag in content while you are moving your head.The average refresh rate for all VR and AR headsets is 75HZ
  • Glass Compatiblity Glass Compatiblity means users can wear glass or not while wearing the reality headset.
  • Headset Lens Size The Diameter of the headset's lens through which users will view the content on connected device.
    37.5mm and 51.5mm

Features of Reality Headset

  • Has Position Tracking Has Position Tracking is a technology through which headset can sense the wearer's relative location within a given area.
  • Audio Hardware Type It means the headset requires an external headphone or it equipped with built-in headphone in order to hear sound from the headset.
    Built-in Headphones
  • Movement Tracking Movement Tracking means number of different axes through which the headset can track your movement and calculated in terms of degree of freedom.There are two types of movements, rotational and translational.The headset with 3 degree of freedom can only track rotational movements such as your head's rotation in stationary place while the headset with 6 degree of freedom can track both types, rotational as well as translational movement such as your are moving out from your room along with rotation of your head.
    Not Support
  • Types of Tracking Tracking is an important part of each VR or AR headset these include position tracking, movment tracking and head tracking.The movment tracking means detecting the body parts other than the user's head in a stationary location, while the position tracking refers the ability of the headset to track users location in a given space when users moves around there are numbers of tracking types such as Head Tracking, Optics Correction, Eye Tracking, Environment Scanning (Map the real world in to 3D world inside headset) and Gesture control.
    Not Support
  • Position Tracking The radius in which the reality headset can track body movements.

Connectivity and Controller Compatibility

  • Wireless Connectivity Method of connection without wire through which the headset can wirelessly communicate with other devices such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.
    Not Support
  • Wired Connectivity Types of wired connections through which headset will able to connect with other devices such as HDMI, Micro HDMi, Micro USB, USB 3.0, USB 2.0.
    Yes Support Connect to smartphone for MHL input
  • Compatible Controllers Types of controllers that can be used with headset when viewing the content on the device such as Proprietary Controller, Nod Ring, Nvidia Shield Controller, Play Station Camera, Play Station Controller, Steam VR Controler and more.
    Proprietary Controller

Smartphone Requirements

  • Smartphone Required Smartphone Required for Headset or it can run without it.
  • Smartphone Minimum Screen Size smartphone Minimum Screen Size that will fit into headset.
    4.5 Inch
  • Smartphone Maximum Screen Size Smartphone Maximum Screen Size that will fit into headset.
    6.0 Inch
  • Compatible Smartphones Compatible Smartphones for headset
    Yes Letv 1, Letv 1 Pro and Letv Max smartphone
  • Smartphone Compatible OS Smartphone Compatible operating system such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu.
    Android OS

Computer Requirements

More Information About Headset

  • Used Body Material The Material through which the headset is made of such as plastic, Cardboard, foam, metal, aluminium, neoprene and more.
    Glass, PC
  • Battery Available Battery Available or not withheadset.
  • Battery Duration Battery Duration of headset in hours
    22 Hours
  • Headset Color Available color variants of VR or AR reality headset.
    Assorted Colors

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