Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Great Important Feature Should Know

The Mi band is amazing and perfect detachable wristband, we wore it just for 18 days and realize to share its points to be noted to all, Mi band 2 supports Android, iPhone and other Smartphones, we also called it affordable tracker machine for health conscious human, it has more popularity than any other band in the globe, only because of these amazing features such as price, size, battery life, OLED display, heart-beat counting, step counting, track your, heart rate sleep assistant, water resist and more.Xiaomi Mi Band 2

If we focus on design of Mi band 2, it looks like mid-size electronic capsule attached to rubber band girded small area in which we can calculate our health, the material they have used to design the band and sensor that is high quality. I wore it for 18 day from December 2016 middle and do whatever I want (did few toughest test), wrist watch is still the same as we got it first day, till now we faced no issue at all.Xiaomi Mi Band 2 True User Review

The band OLED display itself is improved on this new model and is one of the most attractive, which allow you to display your real time heart rate, steps you walk, and time, on the other hand it allows you to track your sleeping activity, miss call alert, message alert on the same screen, the lack is, this device does not come with more exercise tracking such as calorie burn while you do cycling, and Jogging, but ideal for every day runner they can easily track steps and heart-beat per minutes, there is nothing to be ashamed about the band.

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10 Important Interesting Noticeable Key Features of Xiaomi Mi Band 2

  • Nice Design and Quality Product – Every product design makes the device more popular, that it has substantially.
  • Easy to Carry – Many users review that while wear it on hand looks cool, comfortable and lightweight, Can purchase a wider range of lightweight band separately, It’s light weight 19 grams device band it has Plastic, aluminum alloy material used to manufacture it’s sensor.
  • Pricing – Only $22 (value for money) Mi band 2 is perfect fit for your wrist, we have the advantages to buy the band without any shortfall, in its official website list the given specs after launching, it has features like IP67 water resistance, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, phone unlocking, OLED display, touch button, calculate your step, count every heartbeat, idle alerts send a gentle buzz, Improved pedometer algorithm, sync with the Mi fit App, call and message alert.Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review
  • Very Good Battery Backup – I personally used Mi Band for more than 15 days, found that really great battery backup, I have only charge 2 times in 18 days, it works really well for 8 to 12 days after a full charge, those extra hours will be meaningful for all fitness lover.
  • Essential for fitness freak – I personally run 2 to 3 Km (Around 3200 to 4500 steps) a day for 5 to 6 days a week, and I track each movement of my fitness such as how long I can run a day, what is my heart rate after running 2 kilometer and how much time I took to run these kilometers.Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Features
  • Accuracy and Adjustment – In terms of tracking its more accurate and very simple to operate by touching the display, I also check the sleep tracking it also more accurate, it guide to also how well actually you sleeping, the algorithm they have made to track all features it’s more accurate than previous model. I can say it a scientific band as well.
  • Fitness Band cum Watch – In one single sensor you have multiple features include, you can watch time, track multiple things, we can use it as a normal slim band wrist watch, band notify when you get calls, texts, and app notifications.
  • Small Size Cable to Charge – With this budget smart wrist band you will also get a small charging cable, it looks cool, first time I thought that where is the charging adapter, but i see other end of the cable it equipped with USB (its charger), which you could connect to you Laptop USB port to charge the Band, it took around 1.45 hours to fully charge 70mAh battery with input current 45 mA (typ) 65mA (max), one time full charge enough for 10 days usage, but important point to keep in mind battery backup will be differ from person to person.Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Advance Features
  • Multipurpose Functionality – Functionality like heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, call notification, steps counting are great to see in one small device. Heart rate handling feature is improved in this new device. The good feature is it gives very quick response when we touch the screen.
  • Compact Size – 19 grams, 40.3 mm long, 15.7 mm wide sensor looks very small in size, all the feature display and sensor includes in this small lightweight compact size Mi band 2.

My overall 18 days experience with Mi band 2 is excellent, it survives splashes and dunks, i used it underwater, dust, sunlight, evening time, even everywhere it work perfectly from days one. And the positive point is that all you will get in just $23 or less, if you willing to buy band with other colors, Xiaomi will sell you three more colors.

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