How to opt out of interest-based ads on your Android Smartphone

Google always want to show best ads accordingly, these all data Google store using browsing history, all the ads shows based on Gender, age, and interest, in order to display appropriate advertisement on Google advertisement network platform, we recommend you to please turn it off, if multiple users use your device.How to disable interest based ads on Android

Android devices has ability to opt-out the users interest based advertisement so that Google can not use your browsing history, and shows ads which is relevant to your interest, because these all advertisement Google take from big brands.How to Opt Out of Personalized Ads on Any Smartphone

For turn it off, you need to make some small changes on your Android smartphone, just take your smartphone and turn it On, and go to Phone Setting >> under Personal Accounts >> Google >> Accounts, Personal info & Privacy  >> Ads Setting  >> Manage AD SETTING >> Ads based on your interests.Using an Android Smartphone, How to Opt-Out Of Google Ads

These setting make your phone according to your need, always users don’t want to that Google store and track your browsing data or any other activity, these all setting you can control from ads setting.Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads to Get Less Creepy Ads

Where these all setting will change

All the setting change for Google search result, and Google display ads, which could be Google display network, all the sites which connected with Google ads, you will feel these affects on those all to block ads on android phone applications

These all setting sometimes make your browsing experience for ads display will be affected, it will shows randomly not based on your interest, so please make sure if you are single users of your Android devices, so leave this setting, don’t make any changes on it, because sometimes you miss some important ads, and all the settings will be change for particular logged in emails, such as you have two emails added on your phone so you can change setting for both at same time for ads.

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