The International Data Corporation (IDC) reported a new report about global Smartphone Shipment during Q1 2016 according to report Smartphone shipments during the first quarter of 2016 witnessed the slowest growth ever.Smartphone brand shipped a total amount of 334.9 million Smartphones globally n the Q1 2016 which is just 0.2% up from the Q1 2015 which was 334.3 million at that time.

The main reason behind this slow growth in Smartphones is due to saturation in developed markets.While the big brand Samsung and Apple maintained their position on the first and second position on the list with 0.6% and 16.3% growth respectively.

The surprising thing is that the Chinese brand Oppo and Vivo made remarkable performance in their home country, India and other emerging markets due to that they have displaced Lenovo and Xiaomi as the Fourth and Fifth biggest Smartphone brand all around the world.Oppo and Vivo recorded a huge growth of 153.2 percent and 123.8 percent respectively.While the third position is to retain by another Chinese brand Huawei which has been in that position for quite a few years.

The Average Selling Prices (ASPs) of Lenovo in 2013 was recorded at $150, and Xiaomi’s ASPs was $200 in 2014 and 2015.While the Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo mainly play in the low budget to $250 price range.

Although Samsung and Apple remained the first and second best phone maker in the world according to IDC if the Chinese companies intend to put some competition with Samsung and Apple then they should try to enter into the matured market such as America and Europe with Premium Smartphone and Features.

Here we are listing the top 5 Smartphone maker’s Shipments, Market Share and Year-Over-Year Growth for Quarter 1 2016 all Units in Millions.Top Five Global Smartphone Brand

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