There are so many flagship smartphones launches in every six months, OnePlus 5 comes in the same list, having said that, in today’s tech world, companies facing specs related competition with premium brands such as Apple and Samsung, these two brands flagship devices set the goal to other emerging brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus, Despite these two brands prepared their flagship devices with half of the price compare to premium brands, as we all know there is no end to the upcoming technologies, as we observing from past few years the dramatically change in smartphones and their features, the OnePlus 5 is a premium look and fantastic specs smartphone with decent pricing options even in this budget you are getting the good looking and high-end processor equipped inside the phone, additionally company just jump from OnePlus 3 to OnePlus 5, there is no OnePlus 4 updates.

OnePlus 5 All Version Pricing

I can say to OnePlus 5, all premium features equipped in a single device with minimum pricing. As you all acquainted with interesting features from OnePlus from past few years, here is the interesting feature such as dual rear camera, dash charging an amazing 8GB RAM Size, all fantastic features in a single phone this we knew as OnePlus 5, & the best part of the phone is having 3 color options till now, midnight black, slate gray, and gold, even though, there are many companies are also selling their phones at the right price, but the OnePlus 5 is a smart choice for them.OnePlus 5 Pictures

Personally, I liked some of the features of this phone, as such, the size of the phone, camera, display, image quality, charging time, which I have already discussed, but as soon as I caught this phone in hand, I also felt a little less weight, which I liked quite. If I look at the user today, they should just have the camera, RAM, battery, display, and ROM in the phone, they do not see that, what is the most important thing in it, you might be thinking that who I am talking about, yes, i am talking about the processor at the moment, so the best thing in it is its processor, which passes all these features, so that you get all these features and smoothness, even more, when you first see it, its aluminum unibody design will give you a different & most premium look and feel, not only in appearance but when you take it in hand, you will feel different from yourself. Looks like the luxury thing has come in hand.

OnePlus 5 Pros

  • Improved User interface
  • Packaging and USB Cable
  • Nice built-up quality with metal design
  • Very fast Dash charging which is awesome
  • Amazing Selfie Quality
  • Fingerprint Scanner is quick
  • Battery performance is amazing
  • Comfortable to carry on hand
  • Hold key on one side
  • Quick Image Processing

OnePlus 5 Cons

  • We can’t expand storage
  • It’s not a water or splash resistant
  • Audio Quality
  • Dual Camera setup, single camera can click the picture with same picture quality
  • Display Should have more resolution
  • Requires a little more improvements in design

OnePlus 5 Design and Build-up Quality

The new OnePlus 5 aluminum unibody design is similar to its previous model OnePlus 3T, but when it comes to the specs there is huge difference, even the size, and more features are more likely to other premium phones, some new things have come out in this design, like there is no ports on the top, hold button on the left makes me super happy, till now I have already used more than 10 android phones but there is something special in OnePlus 5.  The one which has the single power button on the right, if it was on top, then it would be completely different, and the volume keys are given on the left side, it was also just the bellow of the hold key, for the first time I felt a bit different but then habit became possible according to it, but if you take it for the first time then it is also good in weight.OnePlus 5 Real Image front Side

Turning backwards, the phone’s fabulous back body, which is made of very good quality material & gives a catchy look and feel, with which two cameras and their right have been Quad LED flash, the rest of the whole rear body is empty, and I mean that only these two things are available on the back side. If its camera arrangement was slightly different then it would probably be more pleasant, from top to bottom, left to right and front to back, its overall finishing is quite good and brilliant, But it is meant only for the performance of this phone and the stuff inside it. There is a good choice from the rest of the design stand, if you have a better option in this price and design, then you can buy that too, and an important fact, its thickness is only 7.3 mm, which may keep it in the category of the amazing slim phone as well as the device with a new look.

OnePlus 5 Display Quality

The quick response from its touch attached with 5.5-inch optic AMOLED aristocratic display, the size of this phone’s display and its quality is rarely seen, with this OnePlus 5 model company have fixed the touch latency issue from its predecessor OnePlus 3T, the handset display supports the sRGB, DCI-P3 color profile which is like a iPhone 7, if we look at its display in a bit more detail, then we will see many more insights, such as reading mode, night mode, lift up display, ambient display, Perhaps OnePlus 5 display has a natural color quality. Luckily, the phone has full HD 1920 x 1080 Pixel resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio and 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection in the outermost part of the screen.OnePlus 5 Review

But from my point of view, the company should have given at least a QHD display in this phone, which is not present in it, but I think you will definitely find this feature in OnePlus new upcoming device, which will be in the market until next July of next year, Allegedly, its display is also great, whether you talk about indoor and outdoor quality, even you can try it on bright sunny day will be good enough.

And the corning gorilla glass that is embedded in it protects its display to a great extent. OnePlus 5 display has a pixel density of 401pp with full HD which shows the best pixel quality, a lot of quality of the display also depends on the UI & OS, I will give the display 8 out of 10 points, finally I will talk about screen to body ratio of the phone & which is an average just 73.0%, this is a middle number, neither too much nor less. 

OnePlus 5 Camera performance and Features

The OnePlus gain a loyal fame base in these three years, the new OnePlus 5 is excellent to handling low light picture even in better quality, first it has dual rear camera which gives one is 20 Megapixels telephoto 2X, and camera quality is directly comparable with Apple iPhone 7 plus and Google Pixel, but we all know that OnePlus 5 gives natural feeling and excellent quality pictures, when it comes to the image processing, Its overall image processing is quite good, and we believe that the Galaxy S8 is the same, since both have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, you can shoot so many photos in a few different aspect ratio, and Auto HDR or HDR which gives you totally different photos.OnePlus 5 Image Quality

In a daytime all the images brightness and size is totally different from the low light images, the color quality is really accurate and even the white balance is more precise, importunately after reviewing so many photos (approx. more than 150 pictures) I found that the camera quality is pretty amazing,

The consistency and the color quality of images captured through OnePlus 5 camera is really great, if you use secondary telephoto lens, naturally get more noise  in a telephoto shot  can get really awesome macro shots, this phone camera portrait mode is similar to iPhone 7 Plus, and software depth effect is very nice, gives the result impressive and SLR Look, even more the rest features of OnePlus 5 camera is to maintain all lightning effect in low and full light while capturing images and videos, it automatically fixes the brightness for situation like I discussed. In this device we have an option to change the ISO settings in low light we can maintain photo quality using ISO settings, OnePlus 5 is capable to capture a much cleaner shot in low light, but on every single phone, extreme low light can be a challenge.OnePlus 5 Multiple Images

I love the way to handle 4K video and but one poor part is that no stabilization in 4K video, while capture a video while moving OnePlus 5 4k videos are shaky, but the same video we capture in 1080p it gives a smooth results and better quality only due to electronic stabilization, so I recommends you to try 4k but usually focus on 1080p to capture your daily life videos. If we capture 4K videos in low light condition, also it does end up favoring the higher saturation just like the photos more accurate and pleasant look.

If you are a selfie lover, OnePlus 5 has a 16 Megapixel f/2.0 aperture sensor, you can take an awesome picture addition to capture 1080p videos, and the video quality is more stable during the walk, in a low light pretty noisy, but in a flash mode you will get clear quality in terms of colors, the overall quality of OnePlus 5 selfie camera is superb.OnePlus 5 Rear View with Cover

I even capture few images through Galaxy s8, OnePlus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus, I can’t differentiate the quality of images. The flagship is worthy enough, as you all know it’s more than $300 less than Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone.

OnePlus 5 Software

The OnePlus 5 equipped with the latest version of Oxygen OS 4.5.10, as you all are aware that it’s smooth and catchy, this version of UI comes with Android 7.1.1 Nougat operating system which is more reliable and secure as of now, there are so many features in it that are very unique. But in this phone, the user interface is made with the nougat operating system which is superb.

 With this new fast and intuitive UI Company claim that it’s faster and smoother, the OxygenOS is well optimized and more convenient to read well, in this device, you can remove Blue Light glare completely while reading, some extent, they do this in the app itself by giving them permission at once, even you can turn it On or Off manually. OnePlus 5 Security Features

If I talk about its gaming DND then you can play games without any interruption, this device has a facility to enables Gaming DND Mode in which we can give pause to the notification, emails. In addition to Secure Box facility on OnePlus 5, you can keep your important files in a safe place with a secure box which you can access using fingerprint scanner or by entering 6-digit pin, the best part of the Secure Box is that it’s encrypted and hidden from phone storage for better security option.

We could say the Improved version of its earlier version 3 and 3T only just upgrading to new UI version (Oxygen OS 4.5.10) as we all know that UI installed on these two devices was (Oxygen OS 4.5.0), there are several apps already installed which makes our work quite easy. Even you can set color and brightness accordingly, in addition, you can switch from light or dark themes, and enables navigation keys on screen, which is present in Huawei Honor 9, you can use more gestures to use flash, camera, and much more, with this phone you will also get a lot of software improvements.

OnePlus 5 Hardware Performance

As we all know, The OnePlus 5 comes in 2 different version, the first one with 6GB RAM / 64GB storage and the other expensive variant with 8GB/128GB, but most of the features are common in both models, such as processor, display, battery, camera, body and operating system, as of now I have 6GB/64GB to test and review, I have order it from Gearbest with discounted price, I especially like the smoothness and the overall performance of the phone, as we mention earlier from its design point of view the phone directly compete with other premium flagship devices such as galaxy s8 or note8, as I test it from several weeks I personally found that the phone perform really smooth while play games and use to operate browsing and normal work, when you use this phone for a month or two in a right way, you will know about its smoothness, even I did not see any hanging issue in it, no matter what the situation. its hardware is cool but not waterproof, even more the OnePlus 5 does not take too much time to boot usually it takes around 22 to 28 second to turn on, it performs just like the other flagship smartphones, I see the overall hardware is well optimized for better performance, it holds lots of games and apps without any trouble, It performs really awesome while test on benchmarks, even I shocked after watching the results, it’s approx. similar to Galaxy S8 in both tests like single core or multiple sample of OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 graphics and processing power is worth remembering, it also offers quick fingerprint scanner mounted in a front, now come to the SIM and few other features, it has two Nano sim card slot, offer Bluetooth 5 which is the latest one, it has single speaker on the bottom of the phone with great sound quality, the phone price is something unique than any other flagship like HTC U11, Galaxy S8, Nokia 8, Xiaomi Mi 6, in this category, we are hoping that near future you may get software updates on time.OnePlus 5 Performance

OnePlus 5 Battery Performance

BecaSnapdragon snapdragon 835 processor in this phone, you will get a lot of improvements in battery performance, which is the most special and noticeable thing about this phone, even the dash charging gives exquisite response, as we all know that this device has 100mAh less battery capacity then it’s earlier version OnePlus 3T, but it’s more optimize for better performance and long lasting battery backup.OnePlus 5 Dash Charging

In addition we talk about its battery backup, OnePlus 5 gives more than 15 hours of backup while watching videos in HD quality, at the same time we test it with wireless internet connection gives 16.8 hours backup and with 4G LTE gives more than 16.5 hours or more, but it’s not fixed most of the time it’s vary when we use other telecom provider services, battery power is quite good & last an entire day, 20 watt dash charging work Extremely fast even the several animations on the locked screen when it kicks in.OnePlus 5 Full Image - Front Look

And OnePlus 5 keeps watching the batteries related alerts, as if an app is to suck your battery in the background, finally I will give 8.3 points to its battery out of 10 because the battery of this phone performed very well.


  • 6GB/8GM RAM
  • 64GB, 128GB UFS 2.1 2-lane Internal Storage
  • Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 Chip
  • Qualcomm Adreno 540 GPU
  • 5 inch (1920 x 1080 Pixel) Optic AMOLED Full HD Display
  • 3300 mAh Li-Polymer Battery with Dash Charging
  • Dual Nano SIM Card Support
  • Triple Camera Setup (Two Rear + One Front)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with A2DP, LE, aptX HD
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi with Hotspot
  • Oxygen OS 4.5.10 powered Android Nougat 7.1.1 Operating System
  • 4G LTE Cat-12, Support 900 Mbps Download and 150 Mbps Upload
  • NFC
  • Dirac HD sound
  • USB 2.0 Type-C 1.0.

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