OnePlus 3T Review

OnePlus is our favorite Smartphone of 2016, winning our best mobile award thanks to strong specifications and impressive value for money. But what are the features the phone has after the upgrade to Android nougat? Here is our full OnePlus 3T long-term review.

OnePlus 3T is one of the best phones, and proof that you do not have to spend $700 to firm all-round handset. With its award glasses that are in pretty much every fighter unit there, this $400 offers excellent value for your hard earned money. I like it so much that personally rate it five stars in our depth OnePlus 3T review.

Among LG G6, Huawei P10 Plus and Sony Xperia XZ Premium, there is some sexy mobile technology hitting the UK in the coming weeks. Samsung was leading before the game-changing Galaxy S8.

OnePlus 3T: Straight-faced design

One thing we noticed about OnePlus 3T was a sexy and pretty unusual Smartphone design. From chunky but attractive LG G6, which is a unique display that fills the front panel, super-bright XZ Premium with its mirror backing, two mobile phones do not look the same. This emphasizes how the pretty simple OnePlus 3T metal finish is. Do the same vibrant color choice P10 Plus here. Rather, you can grab bronze gray or soft gold (64GB model). Both finished looking smart, of course, while the one-piece metal frame has some soft contours and soothing slender finish for a comfortable fit in your hand. But it makes an attractive handset.

This minor grumble aside, I can attest to the ruggedness of OnePlus’ design. OnePlus 3T was smashed on backpacks and bags for several months and is not looking worse for wear. Fast polishing cloth it looks as great as when we first pulled out a box. No resistance to water, But it is a feature at this price anyway. With one hand, use can be a bit tricky, but fortunately, set the physical buttons below the screen, drag down the notification bar if you double-tap or hold down the key. Profit and feature fast notification, which allows you to pull the bar by swiping down on the screen at any time.

OnePlus 3T: Image

OnePlus 3T have a gorgeous 5.5-inch display, and beautiful 5.5-inch Super AMOLED panel. This display of vibrant colors, offers reproduction beautiful color and eye-searing peak brightness, with a super-wide viewing angle. All in all, you will hardly find a nicer screen on any phone there. Sure, OnePlus 3T not boast Quad HD images as many awards Smartphone. But the Full HD screen is still perfectly crisp, pumping brilliant high-def images that make it a decent portable media for. While there is no microSD support to expand the Council of the story, you can at least pick up the 64GB or 128GB of space for his collection.

OnePlus 3T: Adapting King

Android nougat comes pre-installed on most new Smartphone launched in 2017, and Luckily OnePlus 3T already received an update to version 7.0. No hanging around for an upgrade and what to do with the old Android. Nougat adds some great new functionality, most impressive split-screen mode to run two apps side-by-side. Your notification bar has been further enhanced with feature instant response to messages, plus the ability to configure those shortcut icons. You can completely customize the status bar (on the top of the screen) and even change the size of icons and others to fit loads of stuff in meat panel at once But in short, better customization and the multitasking mode to handset more comfortable and easy to use.

OnePlus 3T: Pocket rocket

OnePlus 3T came into view and a little to reach the dizzying heights performance of this phone. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Ivan 821 processor is a beast no matter what you are trying to accomplish, boosted by a whopping 6GB of RAM. In the few months since the launch, we certainly see no signs of slowing down. The first Snapdragon 835 Mobile will be hitting the market for a few months, in the form of prizes XZ Xperia Sony and Samsung Galaxy S8. However, even with this improved chipset on board, do not expect to see significant performance gap. While the 835 is capable of much faster peak download speeds in practice remains to be seen what it actually will.

OnePlus 3T: Battery

The battery capacity is now 3400mAh from the initial 3000mAh, and there is no change in the phone mass. As for battery life, OnePlus 3T still gives us a solid day of use between charges.  This provides you with a few hours of the life of only 20 minutes to plug. Other phones now offer fast charging that only Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, while the likes of Lenovo P2 gives you a much longer battery life. But in 3T more than meets our needs and does not show signs of aging.

OnePlus 3T: Sharp shooting Camera

OnePlus 3T need to keep things simple and we are on board with it. On full auto, OnePlus 3T 16-megapixel snapper captures some great shots up close and at a distance. Color reproduction is accurate, and a built-in HDR mode deals with high-contrast scenes. In fact, we’re just impressed with this mobile shooter as a dual-lens Leica camera in fresh new Huawei P10. Snap RAW images and also shoot 4K resolution video, with standard features time Lapse and Slow Mo. And that’s all we need from a Smartphone snapper. Sure, like the Galaxy S7 and Google pixel can produce more attractive shots in difficult conditions. But for everyday photos, OnePlus 3T more than meets expectations.Oneplus 3T Review

OnePlus Final Verdict

OnePlus 3T can be found hard competition from the latest series of flagship phones, but this affordable handset can more than hold its own in 2017. In nougat, the update adds the best Android features the latest phones, while the gorgeous views, reliable and easy to use a camera and fierce performance simply cannot be beaten at this price point.

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