No More Shaky Cam! Meet MGCOOL Explorer 3 Action Camera

MGCOOL is gearing up to release the next-generation MGCOOL Explorer 3 action camera with advanced features. The main attraction of the camera will be the integration of EIS capability coupled with a gyroscope, which helps you to capture shake-free images. Moreover, the camera also provides support for 4K stabilization, which helps you to shoot 4K videos without any blur or shake.

With MGCOOL Explorer 3, you can forget about shaky images and videos produced by competing cameras such as GoPro HERO 4 and Yi 4K. The EIS and Gyro combo infused with the Explorer 3 helps you to capture not only smooth but also steady 4K-enabled videos.

While GoPro HERO 4 doesn’t ship with image stabilization, the Yi 4K provides this support only for FHD videos. However, the MGCOOL Explorer 3 provides default stabilization support for 4K, which is indeed an excellent feature. It is to be noted that Olympus TG-Tracker also provides 4K stabilization support but the camera is expensive at around $350. Even GoPro and Yi cameras are also highly priced.

If you look at the MGCOOL Explorer 3, the camera will offer price advantage like the previous Explorer series. Even though we don’t have any confirmation about the pricing, there are reports that the initial pre-order cost of the Explorer 3 will be below $100, which will be a real deal breaker.Action Camera With Built-in EIS And Gryo

The highlight of the MGCOOL Explorer 3 is the addition of a 2-inch touch display, which helps you to work with the various functions easily. Moreover, the camera provides support for capturing native 4K videos at 30fps alongside H.264+ capability. The integration of the power saving iCatch V50 chipset will help you to work with the camera quickly.

MGCOOL Explorer 3 action camera will be released within the next few days. We are giving finishing touches and you can expect an update soon.

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