NEXTORCH L10 Max 1200M 400LM Long Shoot LEP Flashlight Promo Code & Deal Online
$40 Promo Code Banggood

NEXTORCH L10 Max 1200M 400LM Long Shoot LEP Flashlight Coupon Code & Deal

Get $40 Promo Code for NEXTORCH L10 Max 1200M 400LM Long Shoot LEP Flashlight With 21700 Battery Moment Throw Strong Spotlight Type-C Rechargeable Search Light - Black, Original Price: $169, Discounted Coupon Price $129, Black Color, China Warehouse

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Today we have a beautifully designed LEP light available for you, which you can be used for your outdoor travel, this light can also be charged with the mobile phone or any other USB charger, It is generally seen that the battery backup of the lights which are there is very less, but when you use this LED light then you are going to get a very good battery backup in it, look at the design, the front, back and side gives a good look from all sides and apart from this, NEXTORCH L10 Max LEP light, the material used in this is very high quality.

If we see more details of this NEXTORCH L10 Max Flashlight, then you get to see many more features in it like it is waterproof, its weight is 155 grams, in which the weight of the battery is different, friend, if I talk about the Luminus, it provides brightness of 400 lumens max and if we talk about the Intensity, it offer 360000cd high Beam intensity. And apart from this, you are getting some more features in this LEP light such as the battery, if we talk about it, then you are a high capacity battery of 4800 mAh, which you can recharge again and again, You are also going to get a USB Type C cable inside this box, friends, talk more about the size of this light, it is an approx 154.8 mm length, 26 mm body diameter and 35.6 mm head diameter and talks about its overall design, the material used in it is 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

Talking about the discount, the original price of this product is $169 US dollars and you can apply a coupon (which we have mentioned) of $ 40 in it, after which the price of this light will be only $129 US dollars, then you can avail this great offer and the good thing is that you are also getting international delivery in this and friends, along with international delivery, you can order this product from more than 200 countries.

NEXTORCH L10 Max Light Features:

  1. 1200M 400LM Long Shoot LEP Flashlight
  2. Support USB Type-C for Charging
  3. Black Color
  4. China Warehouse
  5. 400lm High, 30 LM Low Light output
  6. 155 Grams Weight
  7. 360000cd Beam intensity
  8. 1200m Beam distance
  9. Coupon Valid for Countries: US, UK, EU, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland.

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