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OmniVision technologies a leading company which works on advanced digital imaging solution also known for quite popular CMOS technology for the camera.Recently the company has announced a new second generation sensor know as OV2744 is a 1/6-inches, 1.4-micron PureCell image sensor and equipped with the second generation of OmniVision ‘s RGB-IR technology.Through this technology, OV2744 will provide high-quality RGB imaging.This sensor will enable the advanced biometric capabilities such as face recognization for front-facing cameras in Smartphones, Tablets and Notebooks.omnivisions-ov2744-rgb-ir-purecel-sensor

The new sensor technology in OV2744 also allows manufacturer of Smartphones and Tablets using one camera for devices that required both IR and RGB imaging so in this way it will also reduce the costs and space requirement for the new devices.This sensor will also boast less color aliasing in compare of RGB-IR sensors that are currently available in the market.

The other feature of OV2744 sensor is that, it can capture high definition (1080p) video at 60fps (frame per second) using less power than any other camera sensor currently available in the market apart from that it also features full frame staggered HDR (high dynamic range) and also supports ultra-low power mode which reduces the resolution and frame rates to save the additional power.

Currently, OV2744 sensor is only available for sampling and will be available for commercial market in the first quarter of 2016.

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