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Although there are more than one billion users of Gmail but you believe it or not there still so many people who don’t have a Gmail account and now the Gmail is bringing a new feature for the specific audience.Gmail has Announced a new feature Gmailify which will allow non-Gmail users to access Outlook.com, Hotmail or Yahoo mail accounts using the Gmail App on Android platform.

Through which Non-Gmail users can take some benefit of popular Gmail features such as Spam protection, inbox management, Google now cards and more.As last year, Google allowed Gmail Android App users to manage their non-Gmail account in a similar way non-gmail account users need to manually enable the feature by linking their account to Gmail.

If you are a non-Gmail user and want to use this new feature then you will have to open the latest version of the Gmail app and sign-up through your non-Gmail account and enable the Gmailify feature.

Right now this feature is only available for Android platform company didn’t reveal any information for its iOS version or the web client.

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