As we know keyboard shortcuts are combination of one or more key we use them to save our time and do our task more efficiently as Windows 10 comes with lots of keyboard shortcut key which will increase your productivity and make you more efficient on daily repetitive task, some of must know key for task like voice search with Cortana, classic search with Cortana.Cortana is new program added in windows 10 which is a personal assistant software like Siri in Apple devices.

It will be so easy to do task as long as you known the right key combination of your windows keyboard.we will show you key board shortcuts using Windows logo key in this article.

Key Board Shortcuts for Windows 10 with Windows Key

  1. Windows logo key  : Use this For Open or Close.
  2. Windows logo key + A  : For Activation of Action Center.
  3. Windows logo key + C : For Activating Voice Search with Cortana.
  4. Windows logo key + S : For Activating Classic Search with Cortana.
  5. Windows logo key + D : It will Display or Hide the Desktop.
  6. Windows logo key + Comma : Peek at Desktop Temporarily.
  7. Windows logo key + E : It will Open File Explorer.
  8. Windows logo key + I : It will Open Windows 10 Settings.
  9. Windows logo key + K : It will Open the connect quick action to connect wireless audio device or display.
  10. Windows logo key + H : It will Display the Sharing option.
  11. Windows logo key + L : It will Lock Your Computer or Lock Your Current Session.
  12. Windows logo key + P : It will Display a Project Screen.
  13. Windows logo key + R : It will Open the Run Command Dialog Box.
  14. Windows logo key + X : It will Open the Power User Menu.
  15. Windows logo key + Left Arrow : It will Maximize Your Window Screen to the Left Side of Screen.
  16. Windows logo key + Right Arrow : It will Maximize Your Window Screen to the Right Side of Screen.
  17. Windows logo key + Up Arrow : It will Maximize Your Current Window Screen.
  18. Windows logo key + Down Arrow : It will Minimize Your Current Window Screen.
  19. Virtual Desktop Management Keyboard Shortcuts With Windows Logo Key
  20. Windows logo key + Tab : It will open Task View.
  21. Windows logo key + Ctrl + D : It will Create a New Virtual Desktop.
  22. Windows logo key + Ctrl + F4 : It will Close a Virtual Desktop.
  23. Windows logo key + Ctrl + Arrow Keys (Left or Right) : Switch Between Virtual Desktops.
  24. Windows logo key + Shift + Arrow Keys (Left or Right) :  Move Apps from one Virtual Desktop to Another.

Keyboard shortcuts for the Xbox app with Windows Key

  1. Windows logo key + G : It will Open the Game Bar.
  2. Windows logo key + Alt + G : It will Record Current App Screen.
  3. Windows logo key + Alt + R : It will Start or Stop Recording.
  4. Windows logo key + Alt + Print Screen : It will Take Screenshots.
  5. Windows logo key + Alt + T : It will Show or Hide Recording Timer.
  6. Windows logo key + Alt + M : It will Enable or Disable Audio Recording in Microphone.

Right Now we only show some shortcuts around Windows logo key we also try to put some more general shortcut key. If you know any important keyboard shortcuts please put that on comment section below.

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