On-Page SEO Factors- Which Ones Have the Most Impact

Search Engine Optimization is a long term and most important factors to get rank higher in Google search result, this is a very good and important process. Whether you are running any kind of business, which is based online, you will have to undergo this process, some of important policy and guidelines of Google Search you should keep in mind, after going through these short process, you can run your business and website as well. Important Points for Search Engine Optimization.Great Off-Page SEO Techniques

Important Points for New Website Should Keep in Mind

  • Your website structure and layout Should be responsive, it should be compatible with all devices.
  • Website content Should be unique and effective, and best for users not for search engines.
  • Website speed, that means load time of your web pages, it should be loaded under 3 sec.
  • URL structure should be best and unique for each post
  • Title and meta description should be uniquely Define, and match with your original written content.
  • Proper usage of Tags, use most appropriate tags for each page or post if it exists in your CMS.
  • Heading usage, not use h1 and h2 heading multiple times, can use it once
  • If you are using images, into your website, so Alt tag should be related to your content and photographs.
  • XML Sitemap should be generated and submitted on Google Webmaster tools.
  • Here are just a few Important Points I have mentions, that’s to be important any new users, it’s even more important those who will use WordPress for their business or blogs.on page optimization techniques

The are the basic ideas about basic search engine optimization, you need to make things possible with the practical knowledge, should work with high traffic, and Large Amount of web pages to get more knowledge, above given steps are the essentials when optimizing your website, the ultimate guide to SEO for basic websites.

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