Mijia PHILIPS LED Desk Light Stand Table Lamp GearBest Discount Coupon

Whether you are a student or any other professional person Light is a basic requirement in our life, today we are going to give deal on table lamp which may help you guys to read more with this new scientifically designed led lamp, it supports dual light source which optimizes illuminance contrast ratio to meet IESNA standard provides eye comfort, this LED lamp can easily help repair shops those who repair small gadgets like mobile phone, laptop, tablet.

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When it comes to the design part it’s foldable and uniform, the light is mounted on stand, and the overall color of the stand is black, 90 cm diameter wide-angle lighting, the lamp has ambient light sensor which helps to provide more accurate reading illumination calibration and designed with unique night light design, the company claim that it saves more energy than the traditional LED lights.

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As you see the result it provides bright cool white light with excellent heat dissipation so that there is no risk of burns, even more the LED tablet lamp support 100V – 240 V, it operates using touch which is mounted on the stand, when it comes to the dimension 17.30 cm length, 39.30 cm width, and 42.30 cm height, & 93 grams overall weight.

Now coming back to the deal, Mijia PHILIPS LED lamp listed price on GearBest official website is around $72.99, after applying coupon code- MijiaPs, it just cost you $58.99, it means your saving is $14 on a single order.

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Key Features:

  • Comes in Black Color
  • Global Shipping Available
  • Built-in LED, as part of the system
  • It saves your electricity bills
  • Long lasting
  • Better for your eyes
  • Comes with Ambient Light sensor
  • It is wider and Easy to fold
  • It has Dual Light Source Design
  • Support Excellent heat dissipation

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