Although Microsoft has already a better mobile keyboard for its Windows devices but it seems that Microsoft is buying another one, according to Financial Times report  the software giant is planning for acquiring mobile keyword maker SwiftKey for around $250 million according to report both companies have agreed to the deal and the announcement will be made later this week.

Those who does not know about mobile keyword maker, SwiftKey is popular keyboard app which specializes in predictive typing based on artificial intelligence the company was founded in 2008, currently this app works for Android and iOS platform initially SwiftKey was launched for Android Operating system in 2010 and came to iOS platform in 2014.Initially, this was a paid app but SwiftKey became free a couple of years ago but now they have started offering in-app purchases.

Currently SwiftKey is installed on around 300 million devices it based on machine learning technology where it learns from users writing habits and suggest next word or phrase accordingly although Microsoft is already offering a Keyboard app known as Word Flow currently it’s only available for Windows Phone but due to low market share in Smartphone segment which is currently dominated by Android and iOS Company may want to increase its Windows market that’s why Microsoft is trying to improve the input methods on Windows devices.

Although Microsoft has not officially announced about this deal but investors are saying that this will be made official soon.Microsoft has been also buying lots of popular app such as Sunrise, Wunderlist, and Accompli.After buying the SwiftKey app, its technology can be used by Microsoft in several other products apart from Windows Smartphone.

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