MGCOOL Explorer

MGCOOL design and manufacture products by infusing ground breaking technologies. MGCOOL have integrated a unique Drawing technology not only in MGCOOL Explorer 1S but also with MGCOOL Explorer to enhance the look and feel of the outer surface.Nice action camera

Do you know what it does? Well. The application of drawing technology will enable your camera to look slick when viewed from a long distance. The 4K-enabled action camera is designed using dieless drawing technique paired with

The wire drawing. As a result of this technology, the material surrounding the lens and adjacent surface areas will look premium to your eyes.MGCOOL Explorer Action camera

As a result of the new drawing technology, the camera will not only look soft but also provides adequate grip to your hands for capturing impressive and stunning visuals even at extreme circumstances. You will only feel the real goodness of the drawing technology only if you work with the Explorer action camera series.

You will not find the drawing technology in any other action camera. The black colored shade alongside silvery color will look pleasing. Moreover, the surface of your valuable MGCOOL camera will not be spoiled even if you work with it carelessly.MGCOOL Explorer 1S Action Camera

MGCOOL is committed to provide quality products to their customers. Hence, brand made no discrimination and implemented the drawing technology in both MGCOOL Explorer and MGCOOL Explorer 1S cameras.

You can buy MGCOOL Explorer ($39.99) and MGCOOL Explorer 1S ($56.99) directly from official partners.

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