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It has been a long time for the release of MGCOOL Explorer 2, we have recently learned about the latest advances in Explorer 2 ‘s voice control capabilities.

As we know, Explorer 2 is MGCOOL’s high-end sports camera series, from the release to the present, the outside world has a lot of arguments. Many people say that this is just MGCOOL ‘s speculation, in order to get attention and make a marketing, and they will not really mass production. But from the situation we get, this is not the case, today we saw the Explorer 2 engineering sample voice control demo video.MGCOOL Explorer 2 Complete Test

MGCOOL has released an engineering sample video, which showcases a glimpse of the voice control functionality. In the video, you can directly view the display in action with various functions on all the four sides.

Initially, the user prompts the MGCOOL Explorer 2 to start the capture of the video with “Video Start”. You can immediately see the timer on the top right side. When the user says “stop video”, you will be able to see that the relevant video capture has been stopped.

Moreover, when the user says “Wi-Fi On” you can see activation of Wireless connectivity with relevant SSID and Password on the display. You can also view the strength of Wireless connectivity on the extreme left side. Towards, the end of the video, the Wi-Fi connectivity will be disabled using voice “Wi-Fi Off”. There are not too many demos of voice control function in the video, maybe MGCOOL wants to leave more mystery for their new monster.MGCOOL Explorer 2 Engineering Test

With MGCOOL Explorer 2, you will be able to interact effectively with your sports camera using a voice similar to Cortana in Windows 10. You will be able to perform basic functions related to the camera using voice without pressing any navigation buttons.

MGCOOL Explorer 2 Voice Control function Demo (Engineering Sample) :

In addition, MGCOOL released several sports camera which is for the middle and low market in the last several months — MGCOOL Explorer, MGCOOL Explorer ES, MGCOOL Explorer 1S and MGCOOL Explorer Pro.

Except for Explorer Pro, the other 3 cameras are sold on Gearbest with big discount:

We hope you like the voice control functionality infused with MGCOOL Explorer 2. Please share your feedback as to whether you like the feature or not.

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