MGCOOL Band 4 Fitness Tracker

MGCOOL, a popular manufacturer of action cameras and wearables has announced the presale of the much-awaited MGCOOL Band 4 with enhanced features. The main attraction of the MGCOOL Band 4 is the integration of a 0.96-inch large-size OLED display with four customizable clock faces.

With MGCOOL Band 4, it is possible to select the style of the display based on the statistics you want to view. Moreover, you can easily select any one of the four styles depending on your taste and preferences. You will not be able to work with these features in any other competing budget smartphones.

The big advantage of the MGCOOL Band 4 is that you can directly connect the wearable device to the USB power source for charging. There is no need to make use of a separate charging cable.

The MGCOOL Band 4 is designed in such a way to measure the heart rate continuously and the recording will start immediately upon wearing it. The company has integrated accurate optical sensor coupled with advanced algorithms.

The band is also capable of monitoring sleep (both deep and light), steps, calories burned, distance in addition to generation of alarms. If you are idle for a long time, the band 4 will alert you. The raise wrist to wake feature helps you to view the time and heart rate without touching the band. The band is also resistant to water and can be used during swimming.

MGCOOL Band 4 is currently available on pre-order via Gearbest in Black and Blue color variants at an unbeatable price of $23.99 until November 19. The e-commerce retailer will ship the band after November 21.

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