MGCOOL Band 3 Continuously Tracks Your Heart Rate

Heart rate is one of the most important parameters in the life of people. To maintain proper health, the heart rate of your body should be under the permissible limits. Hence, it is vital to keep track of the heart rate on a daily basis. It’s not feasible to visit a health care professional on a daily basis for the purpose of monitoring heart rate. In this scenario, you need to make use of smart fitness trackers such as MGCOOL Band 3, which helps you to track the heart rate on the go.

The MGCOOL Band 3 is equipped with an accurate optical sensor coupled with advanced algorithms. The band is designed in such a way that the recording of the heart rate starts automatically as soon as you wear it. There is no need to press any buttons because the integrated optical sensors will detect the presence of the band in an intelligent manner.

The MGCOOL Band 3 works in such a way that the G-sensor, IR sensor instantly recognizes obstacles and hurdles together with optical sensors to enable the device to monitor the heart rate 24/7.

After syncing with the app, you will be able to know the compliance and abnormal rates along with the percentage levels. The graph helps you to gauge the progress of your heart rate from the date of its use.MGCOOL Band 3 Best for Tracks Your Heart Rate

In addition to heart rate, MGCOOL Band 3 is also capable of monitoring sleep, steps including the ability to deliver reminders during periodic intervals if you are idle. To view the parameters on the 0.66-inch OLED display, you just need to raise your hand. The band is also water resistant and be used while swimming.

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MGCOOL Band 3 with Price

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