MGCOOL Band 3 smart watch

MGCOOL Band 3 is one of the latest wearable devices using which you can continuously monitor your fitness and health activities. The 0.66-inch OLED display will provide all the required data about the various parameters. However, you can also keep track of the not only real-time readings but also previously recorded measurements by making use of the app bundled with the band.


MGCOOL Band 3 with Black and Red Color 


MGCOOL Band 3 fit ness tracker for running

To download the associated app, you need to scan the QR code provided on the bottom of our product page (see below link) and download the app from Google Play Store. The first step is to establish connectivity with your MGCOOL Band 3.MGCOOL Band 3 fitness tracker

You should select the option named Mine located on the bottom right side and select Connection management. The app will automatically locate the MGCOOL Band 3 upon selecting connect bracelet button. As soon as the connection is established, the app will begin to collect data from the band.

The top side of the home page features an improved step counter followed by six parameters related to your health and fitness. The sleep option provides a glimpse of your sleeping activity. The Band is capable of monitoring both deep and light sleep. It also shows how many times you are awake. The module also provides health tips on the bottom.MGCOOL Band 3 heart rate tracker

The heart rate and blood pressure ratings are displayed in the form of a graph. The app also enables you to check blood oxygen including fatigue levels. The Health Weekly option helps you to gather data collected from the date of connectivity separated on per week basis.

The app enables you to take complete control over MGCOOL Band 3. It dissects each and every information nicely and presents you in a readable format.MGCOOL Band 3 smart band smart watch

Interesting, isn’t it? If you haven’t yet ordered Band 3, Gearbest is offering an exciting discount. You can now buy Black and Red color variants of the MGCOOL Band 3 for only $19.99. Unlike other competing bands, you need not have to purchase monthly fitness packages. The $19.99 is a one-time investment and your fitness will be on the roll after that.

MGCOOL Band 3 with Black and Red Color 

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