If you stuck in a situation where you want to describe your computer related error or other technical error to other by sending the problem using a mail in such kind of situation screenshots are very useful for demonstrating your problem in better way so that second person easily understood your problem.So in this post we will see how we can take screenshots with our windows 10 device.

How to take Screenshots of Entire Desktop

If you want to take screenshots of your entire computer screen,there are two methods for that

  • Press the Print Screen key of your desktop to take an image of your entire screen then open an image editor like paint and paste (CTRL + V) the screenshot on it and save the image in your desired format.
  • The second method is so simple press the Windows logo key + Print Screen to take a screen shot of your entire screen save it to file location  C:\Users\Username\Pictures\Screenshots that’s it.

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How to take a Screenshots of Specific app Window

If you want to take a screenshots of specific app window instead of entire screen then follow below two methods.

  • Open the desired app and press Alt +Print Screen key to capture the active window after that open image editor Paint and paste that image on paint and save it.
  • In this method we will use Xbox app which comes pre-installed in windows 10 operating system.open Xbox app in your windows machine and minimize it so that it can run in background.now open your desired app now press Windows logo Key + G to Xbox app game bar after that click on yes,this is game to add this app on your game list.

Now use the Camera button of the Xbox Game bar or press Windows logo key + Alt+Print Screen to capture a screenshots of your desired app.take screen shots using xbox

You can view these screenshots by going Game DVR > This PC on Xbox app or by going to C:\Users\Username\Videos\Captures. In your windows 10 machine.

If you want to capture a specific  portion of your screen on windows computer then you can use Snipping tool it is a built in screen capture tool which is available in all windows version.To use this tool follow these steps.

  • Right click on start menu of your windows 10 and go for Run.
  • Now type Snipping Tool on that box and click OK button to open Snipping Tool on your machine.
  • After that a little screen will be open like screen below now click on New Button on that screen then drag your cursor over the area where you want to capture specific portion of your screen after that you can edit and save the screenshots in your computer.snipping tool

If you are using a Windows 10 Tablet or Smartphone then you can capture Screenshots on these devices by pressing Windows logo Key  + Volume Down Button.

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