Twitter is popular microblogging website where people tweet their thoughts on it recently twitter has changed its voting system for displayed content now twitter also provide a tweet button below each tweet.A Twitter-like button is similar to Facebook Like button which means a Positive feed for a tweet.You can use this button on Twitter to like your followers tweeted content.How To View All Your Likes on Twitter

You can be identified the like button by Heart shape icon below each tweet (before that heart shape icon twitter was using a star icon for favourite tweet) now this small change puts the microblogging website in more competition with other social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

When you will like any tweet this Heart icon will change in red color but you can also Dislike any tweet by undoing the like by clicking on the Heart icon again now it will turn into grey color.So it is very simple to like and dislike any tweet from the Twitter website.

How to View Your Likes on Twitter?

Although you can easily find the like button for a tweet posted by any other users but if you want to view you own likes then you have to sign in your Twitter account and click on Profile & Settings and go to View Profile link next go to your Profile page and click on the Likes tab to view your current Likes.If you do not find any Likes tab in your Profile page it means no one like your profile till now.Where Is the Likes Tab on Twitter

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So what you think about this new change in Twitter Please give your thoughts on it and let us know about that by your comments.

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