LG G4 Note (4GB of RAM)

LG  Recently announced its G4 Phone But there could be a another G4 variant in upcoming month of 2015 what could be the device size or any technical specification nobody know exactly but rumours around that it could be a Phablet with 5.5 inches screen with 600ppi density with 3 GB RAM and Adreno 430 graphics .undoubtedly LG making this Phablet to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and successor to Apple’s iphone 6plus.Through this upcoming Phablet LG G4 Note LG is confident that it will reach the No.3 position in the global smartphone sales rankings.

When LG G4 Note will be Released no one knows the exact date only we can say that it will be released around August or September unfortunately no details about its Specification were revealed.

But we have some Specification about Phone But not sure about this if we look at the specification :

Screen Size : 5.7- or 5.9 Inch Phablet

Processor Core : octa-core Qualcomm (six-core 808 in the G4 )

Chipset    : Snapdrgaon 810 chip

Memory : 4GB RAM with 32GB Storage

Camera :  May be Like LG G4 Phone

Battery  : we can expect bigger in capacity this time

Like the Note 5 it could also come with a stylus

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