This Year Lenovo planning to change its brand Motorola name.Now it will be known as Moto by Lenovo.Many of us already know that Lenovo bought Motorola from Google in 2014 till now Lenovo is selling Smartphone by  the name of Motorola but after rebranding it is not possible to see the name of Motorola in its handset.

During Tech Trade Show CES 2016 Motorola’s Chief operating officer Rick Osterloh said that we will not phase out completely  the Motorola Name we will use it on our corporate work and move to  Moto from Motorola gradually.

The Motorola’s Moto M logo will remain in Smartphone only in packaging and other things the Motorola name will not available and where as the Motorola name available will be replaced by Moto by Lenovo word.

The company said that it is not killing the brand name completely instead of that they making it even stronger they are only changing their strategies for future to make this brand name stronger than before.

Lenovo will sell their low budget Smartphone in the market by the name of Vibe branding while they sell their premium Smartphone by the name of Moto branding from this year.

In 2012, Motorola was acquired by Google in $12.5 billion after two years of this deal in 2014 Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google in $2.9 billion.

So what you think about these future strategies of Lenovo for selling its Smartphone by the name of Moto by Lenovo please give your thoughts on it.

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