LEMFO LEMX 4G Smart Watch Phone Review

When I was kit I thought that featured phone is the only way to make a phone call, and Today in 2018 technology has changed dramatically now we have amazing smartphones, iOS, and Android as well as tons of other gadgets such as VR headset, drone, smartwatch, even there is advance version of smartwatch which is LEMFO LEMX or LEM X which is 4G watch with camera, Nano-SIM support, built-in MediaTek MT6739 SOC, this wrist watch runs on Android OS as well, the price on TomTop $169.99 including free shipping to the United States, European countries & the best part is that I have received within 6 days including free wrist strap inside the box which is made with premium leather, which is replacement strap.

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I have received LEMFO branded black box with durable packing, the very first time when i open Lemfo Lemx box I have to see huge smartwatch including charging cable with magnetic connectivity option, tools to open SIM cover & the second tool to change strap, and leather strap, there are two more pieces of info inside the box, display protection film and user manual with two languages English and Spanish, first time when I unbox this watch I feels that it’s a giant watch with big dial size looks amazing. the brand launched Lemfo Lem7 a few months back with less price and 4G option, and now Lem X is an upgrade of the Lem7 smartwatch.LEMFO LEM X 4G Smart Watch Review and Specs

There is a camera on the right with limited usage, either we can make a video calls or spying anyone, otherwise, there is no sense to capture your daily routine images with this smartwatch, it provides different viewing experience and different angle as well, the picture quality is good.LEMFO LEMX 4G Smart Watch Phone

As per my view, overall features and design are pretty elegant and catchy but there is a large size 2.03-inch touchscreen which will not suit everyone, it looks pretty big on the hand.


As always I start with true story, when I see the dial, i feel that, watch is designed for heavyweight person, those who have big muscle, all because of Dial-Size and strap width, truly speaking the display is bigger than the expectation, if there will a little small size available that would be best fitted to everybody, for the build quality it made with metal body and front glass design which is durable, and back you will get a SIM slot which is packed and equipped with flexible rubber strap. 2.03-inch display size is little wider in terms of size, but if really want everything on smartwatch such as a clock, apps, camera, SIM, 4G calling, music, RAM, ROM, Processor.LEMFO LEM X 4G Smart Watch Phone Full Details and Review

I thought this smartwatch is the best alternative for those who do not want to carry their smartphone all the places, especially you will be happy when you see two pairs of straps, TPU and leather, which gives you comfort looks as well as professional appearance, on the back side of the Lefo LemX you will see connector with magnetic charging, just left side of the SIM cover, there is a heart rate monitor on the middle top, the brand itself popular for smartwatch, there is branding on the box, UI, also manufacture awesome watches with advanced features.LEMFO LEM X Smartwatch Review

Even more for the sound and power on of feature, there is peaker on the left side, and power button on the same side, rounded dial looks elegant, this Lemfo LEM X smartwatch you can wear party, office and during sports activities, but keep in mind that only buy if you like big deal, it gives sporty look, watch is also designed for different weather condition IP67 supported it means you can wear during swimming and rainy season as well & small microphone on the below camera.


The LEMFO LEMX or LEMFO LEM X 4G smartwatch comes with Huge 2.03-inch IPS, LTPS display with 640 x 590 pixels resolution with wide color gamut, high contrast in sunlight, and quick responsive touch screen, I have tested this smartwatch on the outdoor daylight, it gives me an outstanding response, display looks good in day sunlight, even I have tried it on rainy day as well for few minutes it works well. the best feature of the watch is the 4G connectivity option and side camera which gives amazing experience, the camera you can use to capture random shot, or 4G nano-Sim you can use for calling, as well as to check message & notifications, I have download app from given link which I have got using QR code.LEMFO LEMX 4G Smart Watch Phone Features and Review

Even The Lemfo LEM X watch sports 8 Megapixels camera with gives 590 x 640 pixels resolution images and help to make a video call, but camera quality is not that much good, and powered by 900mAh battery for a longer battery life, but I did not get that much back up with this huge display, I can say average battery backup, not too much & even first time when I receive package it has 0% battery, I thought that it was automatically drained, so do more research on battery part.

there are few more options available such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Heart Rate monitoring, Pedometer, Music player, Multiple motion mode, Translating tools, Ride-hailing service, and IP67 water & dust resist, even the best part is that, smartwatch support multiple global languages and has multiple sports modes.LEMFO LEMX 4G Smart Watch Phone Complete Review

For the music, you can enjoy music via wireless earphones, and the watch is backed by MediaTek MT6739 SOC along with 1GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage, the feature looks like a smartphone, but we can call it 4G smartwatch Phone.


The price of the Lemfo Lem x smartwatch is around $169.99 with global shipping availability, and there are so many smartphones in the market with all these features, but I am too surprised to see all the features in a 2.03-inch smartwatch, 4G Network, Touchscreen, Nano-SIM, Time, RAM, ROM, SOC, battery and many other sensors, but the work they have done to design this smartwatch they worth it, $169.99 for given features are pretty cheap with given quality, price is pretty good, and anybody from around the globe can easily place order. one watch with different sports mode, whether you are running, playing football, badminton, cycling, basketball or swimming the right choice with this price range.

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Overall features of the Lemfo Lem x smartwatch are all up to date and plus point is 4G and camera, but dial size is little bigger than my expectation, it should be around 1.7-inch and they need to improve battery as well, this two feature I personally feel average, rest of functions are great, right now Lemfo LEMX available on TomTop where you will get it for $169.99 with global shipping options.LEMFO LEM X 4G Smart Watch Phone Review

Key Features:

  • 2.03 inch IPS, LCD Display
  • 900mAh Battery
  • Multiple Language support
  • Multiple Sports Mode options
  • IP67 Support
  • 2G, 3G and 4G network support
  • Music player
  • Charging Option
  • MediaTek MT6739 chipset
  • Nano-SIM Support
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Support
  • Round Dial
  • Black Color.

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