We already know that Nokia is a big brand in mobile phone industry and recently Nokia sells its phone business to Microsoft despite that Nokia is also planning to re-launch their Smartphone segment now 2016 is the year  when former mobile phone giant re-enters in the Smartphone market but, this time, they are using Google’s Android operating system because a leaked phone image on a French website hints that Nokia’s next Smartphone is coming soon with an Android OS.

This phone will come in a metal body with rubber lines similar to Apple iPhone it will be a mid-size Android Smartphone and It sure that it has an attractive design similar to popular Smartphone of iPhone 6S and HTC A9.

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Last year Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri said that Nokia would make its handset again but will follow a different business model compared to what Nokia used to follow now, this time, Nokia will not enter into direct market after making its handset instead of that they will only design and manufacture the device and selling could be done by Nokia’s partners.

He also adds that we are looking for suitable partners Microsoft makes mobile phone and Nokia would simply design them before that Nokia had already announced N1 tablet with Android Operating system it was made by Foxconn.Although it was not widely distributed it may be a test run for Nokia’s big plan of Android Smartphone in 2016.

We think that this is probably a good step of Nokia so what you think about this new strategy of Nokia.

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