LAOTIE ES19 Steering Damper Scooter Coupon code

Today we are coming with a new popular electric scooter with a $250 promo code, in this blog, I have shared the promo code with detailed specifications on the LAOTIE ES19 electric scooter, today saver deposit sale going on, if you will apply a the promo code you can easily avail of the same product just $1479 and earlier it cost more than $1680 and it’s available with worldwide shipping option and stock in two warehouses USA and PL, And the design of the product looks very beautiful, the tires are also of a very wide size and give you a premium feel. If we talk about the speed of this electric scooter, then you can drive it at a speed of more than 80 kilometers per hour and if you look at the battery backup, then it provides you with a very good backup as well as in different road conditions. Battery performs differently.

Next, we will try to know more features about this electric scooter, this electric scooter is available in the market with very great features and you get a double motor and a powerful battery in it. the battery gives maximum output so that I can easily work 5 to 6 hours easily and load up to 200-kilogram people easily, I have seen lots of videos where an 80 kg person riding the same scooter with easy handling.

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Even more, it has a 60V38.4Ah 21700 lithium battery with maximum 135-kilometer travel on a single charge, it has a few more specs which I would like to discuss, it has over current protection, over-discharge protection, low power auto sleep, overcharge protection, overheat protection and Short circuit protection, the plus point is that it packs with dual charger option which is an easy way to charge your device very quickly, as for the Motor it has 6000W powerful dual motor option with 100 kilometers per hour top speed limit.

Laotie ES19 Steering Damper Scooter Features: 

  1. 3000W x 2 wheel motor provides the max strong power and max 50-degree gradient
  2. Turn signal and color screen instrument design
  3. 60V 38.4Ah 21700 Li-ion battery for max 135-kilometer mileage
  4. 10 x 4.5-inches inflation wide wheel tire for different grounds to take
  5. Quick folding design for convenient carrying in your car trunk
  6. Aluminum alloy shell for max 200kg payload capacity
  7. Suitable for adults and teenagers for fun and enjoying life
  8. The battery and controller have silicone heat sinks
  9. Dual charging system for quick charging time
  10. Triple braking system
  11. 6061 Alloy Steering Damper.

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