According to a leaked report Apple is planning to start selling its next 4.0 inches iPhone and iPad models in the same week Apple will introduce these devices at an event on Tuesday , March 15th and company will put the products up for sale via its online store as well as offline retail store starts from Friday, 18th March this year.The leaked sources also claim that Apple’s plans could still change for this event, he also said that there will be a no-preorder period for two new devices from Apple.

iPhone 5Se will look like the iPhone 5s which was launched in 2013, but upcoming iPhone 5Se will come with advanced hardware and software we can also say that it will be the advanced version of iPhone 5s.The new device will support NFC, Apple Pay Support, SIRI always on and camera may be similar to iPhone 6’s camera and it will also come with A9 chipset which is faster than A8.

If we talk about iPad Air 3, it will take many features from Apple’s bigger iPad pro such as the Smart connector, four speakers, Apple Pencil support and Smartkeyword.The new iPad Air 3 is also expected to include a variant of the A9 processor and upgraded camera system which include an LED flash on the tablet.On the same event, Apple is also planning to announce new series of Smartwatch.

As we have already mentioned about this much-rumored announcement date of March 15 for iPhone 5Se and iPad Air few days Earlier.


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