MGCOOL Explorer 3 Action Camera

MGCOOL is a popular company dealing with the manufacture of action cameras, wearables, and accessories. The company has been constantly working towards the release of next-generation action cameras. When a new model is released, the company immediately starts the required work to launch a new camera without any break. The latest news is that the company has announced the arrival of the MGCOOL Explorer 3 with improved features not found in any other competing cameras.

The main highlight of the MGCOOL Explorer 3 is the integration of true native 4K support. The camera is capable of supporting true 4K recording. While most of the competing cameras provide interpolated 4K, MGCOOL has infused true 4K camera sensor inside the upcoming Explorer 3 action camera.

The MGCOOL Explorer 3 is capable of recording native 4K resolution videos at 30fps. You will be able to record native 4K at 30fps, FHD at 60fps and HD at 120fps resolutions. The camera also includes several interesting features.

The main highlight of the MGCOOL Explorer 3 is the addition of iCatch V50 processor, which make use of advanced technologies. The iCatch V50 processor is designed in such a way to deliver ultimate 4K recording experience coupled with low power consumption without sacrificing on the performance.

A core feature of the MGCOOL Explorer 3 is the integration of H.264 Plus advanced video codec technology. According to MGCOOL, the new mechanism is capable of offering double compression ratio when compared with H.264. In addition to reduced bandwidth and storage, the H.264 Plus also offers 100% image quality alongside perfect compatibility.

Will you be able to work with a touch display? Can you shoot images and sync with smartphone quickly?We will explore more features included with MGCOOL Explorer 3 in the upcoming days. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out social channels for updates.

As part of the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, MGCOOL is giving away five units of MGCOOL Band 4. You should check out the official social media handles for additional information.

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