Videos are most usable content on the internet and if we talk about video then YouTube always comes in our mind so here we will try how to link our website with YouTube but for that, we need to verify the URL of your website so follow the given tutorial to link your website.

How to Link Your Website with Your YouTube Channel

Before you proceed for the process you need to verify your YouTube channel for that you need to learn how to verify a YouTube account.If you have already done that then simply follow the lesson.

  1. Sign-in your YouTube account, click on the profile picture and go to Creator Studio then navigate to CHANNEL  > Advanced located in left side of you channel dashboard.How To Associate a Website with Your YouTube Channel
  2. Now scroll down the screen and look for Associated website and enter the URL of your Website or blog in the given field and click on Add button.Link to your website from your videos - pdevice
  3. Now you will see two option
  • Click on Verify Link if you are an owner of website or blog.
  • Click on request approval if you required permission from the site owner.
  1. Whatever option you will select it will take you to the Google Search Console and give the option to verify the website.How to Associate Your Website with Your YouTube ChannelMake sure that you are using the same account on both sites (YouTube and Google Search Console) now proceed for the verification process and click on Add Property option for that.

Once you have setup each and everything head back to your YouTube Channel Settings section to see the verify status of the added URL of your website.Now its status  should have change from Pending to Success.

That’s it in this way you can use Your Website’s URL in Your YouTube’s Videos by the help of Cards and Annotations so what you think about all these features of YouTube to market your online business please share your thoughts on it.

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