Chromecast is an external device made by Google using this you can connect your HDTV to the internet.This device allowed you to stream online content like videos, music or anything else which you want to see on your TV but make sure that your TV and other devices (Laptop or Smartphone) using Same Wi-Fi network.So here we will see how to set up and install Chromecast on your TV.

How to Set-up Chromecast on Your TV

First of all, you need to connect Chromecast device with your TV for that connect your Chromecast device with HDMI port of your TV next connects the USB cable (comes with Chromecast pack) to the USB port of your TV for charging your Chromecast device. If Your TV doesn’t support USB port then you can simply charge your Chromecast with the included charger comes along with Chromecast pack.

Now Turn on Your TV and change the input of your TV to select the right HDMI option now you will see a screen like below image in your TV.How To Install Chromecast on Your TV

Now open the Chrome browser download and install the Chromecast app according to your platform and go for setup now the configuration wizard will open just click on Accept > Continue.

Now you will see the code on your both screen it should be same for both just verify that code if the codes match, click on That’s My Code option.How To Install Chromecast on TV

On the next screen select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password for that you can also change the name of Chromecast device here after that click on Continue

Now you will see a Message indicating that your Chromecast device has been successfully configured now you can browse your desired website just by clicking on Start Using Chromecast and follow the Google cast installations instructions.

Now you can browse the website in your device (Smartphone or Laptop) and see the same screen in your TV in the same time you can also work in your computer or Smartphone.Chromecast device only works with Google Chrome browser either you are using Android, iOS, Windows or MAC you need a Chrome browser to operate your TV.

So what you think about this amazing device for your TV.Try this device on your Home TV and let us know about your experience on Google Chromecast device.

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