How to Buy the Right Smartphone for Your requirement

Long ago I used to think that how people buy best possible, good mobile phone from Market, so then I found out that, the mobile phone also has a different configuration, we hear such in computer like RAM, ROM, HDD, Processor, GHZ and etc. most handy tips for picking out a best smartphone under budget.

Long since, so we started to collect the information about the configuration of electronics devices, first, what functionality it makes the price more expensive, So I believe that, no one would be the best mobile then, when was engaged in it of Companies will be good hardware. The processor will be good GHz, there must be at least 1 GB RAM and with minimum 4GB Storage. Would you like to take any phone in this configuration, they will almost cool, now we will tell the phone configuration in details.How to Buy the Right Smartphone for Your Needs

Users Always look Forward for Phone Configuration with Technical Details

Screen size and Display

Mobile phone screen size and screen quality to be the best, in terms of what glass quality they have used and what is the screen size of the phone, where you can feel the interface and play games very well, that mean pixel resolution should be at least HD, 1280 x 720 Pixels, and size should at least 4.7 inch and more.

RAM (Random Access Memory) –

Some time ago, in the mobile phone, memory came very handy (in Mb), after launching Android operating system, companies start increasing their memory sizes like from MB to GB, for now, every phone has 1Gb minimum memory, now we see a phone which has 4Gb ram, so put some important points in your mind before buying a phone, if you want to buy a phone for heavy purpose so go with higher ram more than 2GB, and for normal purpose minimum 1GB is best match.Tips for Picking the Right Smartphone

Storage Capacity

In mobile phones people usually store some games, photos, songs, Apps and videos for personal use, it approx 6 to 7 GB, maybe more, but now after 2014 and mid 2015 mobile phone companies start giving internal memory of mobile phones more than 4GB, if you want to buy phone with more storage so go with minimum 8GB internal, whether you’re the android, IOS and windows users, but in Windows and android phones you can increase your storage size by adding some external memory cards, but in IOS Apple mobiles you don’t have slot to increase it.

Camera (Front and Rear Camera) – 

Now days each and every phone come with dual camera front and back camera, so choose best match for your purpose like front camera should be at least 2 megapixel and rear camera 8 megapixel

Performance –

When we talked about performance, so that mean it’s about processor, so in terms of mobile and computers processor matters, if you going to buy a phone with the best processor so go with minimum Dual core processor, if you have some heavy games and application want to run on your mobile phones, go with quad core and Octa-core with minimum 1.3GHZ (Clock speed)

Connectivity –

It will help you to transfer data over the internet, and using WiFi, Mobile phone should be 4G, wifi-802.11 with minimum 21 Mbps HSPA

Battery Backup –

All mobile battery backup depends on mAh (Milliampere-hour) so go with minimum at least 2000 mAh battery, with how long it’s talk time, internet surfing duration, and standby time

Platform –

Its depends on usage and choice of users now there are 3 major platform Android, IOS and Windows you can choose any one of them.

Brand –

Its also depends on companies, which is the Best in price, quality, life, and market capital, service, after sale service, returns, user trust and etc, so go and choose the Best brand running in the market so that you can get Best product with easy service.

SIM Type (Single or Dual SIM) –

Choose dual SIM mobile phone, because sometime if you have single SIM phone and one SIM has no balance or no signal, at that time Dual SIM Phone will help you a lot, so our suggestion is to go with Dual SIM Mobile phone.

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