The Chinese Mobile Maker Company Huawei is working on its next Honor Series Smartphone although its not so long as they unveiled the Honor 7 which was  launched recently in month of July 2015.For their upcoming Honor series phone they creating a hardware difference  by  sliding camera module .

Huawei will come with a sliding camera in Upcoming Honor phone Line Up

As you can see from image above the two cameras (front and rear) of the ne Honor will using the same sliding assembly This way you can take a picture from rear camera at any time but if you are a lover of selfie snap then you have to slide that assembly upwards by using a dedicated button which will be located in the left side of device as you will press this button it will trigger the sliding up camera assembly (Show the Below images),the main benefit of this feature will dual tone dual LED flash on both side of camera .

Huawei will come with a sliding camera in Upcoming Honor phone Line Up 1

What will be the device name we have no information about that but when it will launches it will get a name also.we don’t know much about its specification except it will sport a fingerprint scanner embedded with release button of front camera.It will be a dual-SIM Phone with Kirin Chipset which is built by Huawei.

As soon as we get any information about this handset we will inform you .So guys what you think about this new innovation of sliding camera in upcoming Honor phone please give your thoughts on it and submit the comment.

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