Honor 8 Bottom Look
Huawei Honor 8 full front body look Review
Huawei Honor 8 Review

The best colorful design, king of technology and full of performance, a dual main camera keeps you happy and the phone is holding so many other qualities together. As we all know Huawei is listed on the top three smartphone manufacturer from over the globe hold more than 4% of global smartphone shares, it’s only possible when a company delivers quality smartphones and the user believes them, the company also develops telecommunications equipment.

Huawei Honor 8 Overview

Huawei Honor front Body Look Review
Huawei Honor Front Body

Now every human has a desire to get a good phone at the right price, not everyone can afford to buy Samsung and Apple devices, but there are some such companies in the market, which will redact you their equals phone at half the price, Huawei Honor 8 also has a live watch example of this. Honor 8 was launched last year in china and the phone runs on android 6.0 marshmallow OS, the honor 8 rear dual camera with dual led flash looks fantastic and rear glossy design makes it a best one, even the rear fingerprint scanner more brilliant in terms of working and the love the aperture of rear facing camera, it has dual camera mode, really fine picture quality I also get more features especially in front facing camera. The button quality and screen brightness amaze me, especially at night it works really amazing, plus it has so many pre-installed apps that I could easily use, one more interesting feature there is no home button in front of it, it operates with virtual keys.

The first time when you unbox Honor 8 so first of all you will find a very beautiful packaging, in which one slot you will get Honor 8 and that too will wrap with a different kind of plastic cover on which some instructions will be inscriptive.

Huawei Honor 8 – See All Pricing

Huawei Honor 8 Tips before Use.

  1. The phone supports only Nano-SIM and micro SD cards. Non-Nano or manually cut SIM cards can damage the phone. Replace the Nano SIM card in the business office.
  2. Card 1 is primary 4G, and card 2 is 2G by default, you can change this in settings.
  3. To forcibly restart your phone, press and hold the power button until the phone vibrates.
  4. Do not remove the battery. To have it replaced, contact a Huawei authorized service center.

    Huawei Honor 8 Left Side look
    Huawei Honor 8 Side Body

Now the Honor 8 has a cutting edge processor, it definitely faster than earlier Huawei Honor 7, everything works quickly and smoothly from normal usage to image processing. The Honor 8 battery does not have any heating issue with regular usage however it get heat-up during the quick charge which is normal with every quick charge supported device, I am really happy with honor 8, especially when it comes to the fingerprint scanner, well it’s 5.2 inch sharp full HD display extremely super and powerful, and easy to handle your every day’s task, dive in deeper it supports 4GB of RAM and 32/64GB of internal storage and yes you can expand it with micro SD card up to 256GB, dual 12 megapixel camera on the back, both of which can contain really great shot and front 8 Megapixel with face beauty and f/2.4 aperture, you will find such feature on Samsung galaxy S8 phones but you would not find any waterproofing on this Honor 8, it affordable price phone less than Samsung galaxy S8.

Huawei Honor 8 Right Side look
Huawei Honor 8 Right Side

Allegedly, I did everything with this Honor 8, in terms of testing, charging, gaming, camera test, even more I also test it at bright sunlight, it performs really well, moreover I watched so many videos on YouTube, browse the web, test so many SIM cards, and test display quality in daylight with half and 80% brightness, when it comes to the display brightness, it capable of providing average brightness quality in sunlight, however, it’s far better than other similar smartphones.

The Good

  • Phone packaging
  • It has Super shiny metal finish design
  • Wide angle Main camera
  • Optimize software quality and performance
  • Dual camera for better performance
  • Quick image processing
  • Fine edges
  • Quick processing
  • Lightweight and Handy
  • Good Sound Quality
  • All ports situated on the bottom
  • Quick Fingerprint Working
  • Unbleached edges

The Bad

  • No home button on the front
  • Camera selection option not improved
  • Much more Slippery
  • Battery life is not so awesome
  • Dual Camera should provide more wide angle images

Honor 8 Specifications:

  • Rear Fingerprint Scanner
  • Support 4G LTE Cat 6
  • Dual Rear Facing camera with 12 Megapixel and 8 Front facing camera
  • 2-inch FHD LTPS Display with beautiful eye-care mode
  • 3,000 mAh battery Quick Charging Enabled with smart power 4.0
  • Rear mounted dual 2.5D glass and rounded edge
  • 16nm 2.3GHz Octa-Core Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 950 based Chip
  • 4GB RAM and 32/64GB internal storage, expandable up to 256GB (micro SD card)
  • EMUI 4.1 based Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
  • More features Type-C USB, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, infrared port, dual-band Wi-Fi, A-GPS, BDS/GLONASS
  • The price of Huawei Honor 8 is 4GB/32GB $349, 4GB/64GB $359.

    Huawei Honor 8 Body Design Picture from Front
    Huawei Honor 8 Body Design – Front Look

Design and Build Up quality

As we mention earlier the overview of Huawei Honor design part, the device is stunning in designing, apart from that it’s back body is crafted with 2.5D glass which is diamond cut rounded with aluminum alloy, due to glass covering it’s also very slippery, so you will need a cover to keep it safe. Huawei Honor 8 offers smooth and ultra-bezel design and it brought a glass covered the main camera, surely you should one try this phone, additionally, the phone design and feature easily comparable with other premium smartphones like Galaxy S7, and iPhone 7, particularly quality & performance is similar to Xiaomi Mi 5.

On the other hand the phone is lightweight and 7.5 mm thick which looks pretty loving to hold in hands, it measures 145.5 mm by 71 mm by 7.5 mm and weight 153 grams, and the greatest part of this handset is holding from single hand gives more easy access to fingerprint scanner even can easily access all features. But you’re still going to be reshuffle it up and down in your hand more often than you would with the Xiaomi Mi 5, to reach all of the vertical exertions of the screen. Finally, the overall look and design of Honor 8 will be very beautiful and enticing, after holding it in your hand, you will find that some wonderful things are in your hands, after my overall design testing its worthy phone.

  • Designed with diamond-cut elegant round assured by aluminum alloy
  • Glass body Dual 2.5D
  • Polished15-layer craftsmanship


5.2 inch with 423 PPI, the Honor 8 has a catchy and smooth touchscreen, the overall front is slim from both ends, I got more than 72.6% screen to body ratio. The complete scenario of the display is 1080 pixel LTPS, bright colors, 96% high color gamut NTSC, the display is designed with more technological advancement, which featured dynamic pixel level contrast technology, even with Honor 8, Huawei has improved the display for eye strain, it helps us to care of our eyes, it means the display is designed with care the user’s eyes keeping in mind, the design has taken place.

Now we talk about its touch and smoothness, very sensitive screen from it pixel quality to response time is very good, right and quick responsive capacitive touch makes you happy, I could say best looking display I ever see under this budget phones, although, when you compare with Samsung & Apple phones this will also go well, i would not say that it is very good for them but it can equate, above all corning gorilla glass consequently provides better protection to its display. It sounds decent and best in size, the overall body and display is compact, and Huawei Honor 8 is keen to point out that it can hold more comfortably in a single hand without adding an outer cover. The majority of Huawei honor series phones, the display is clear and above than HD, now it has FHD, and brighter which gives the sunlight visibility & readability is appropriate for this price range.

  • 2 inch Full HD
  • Added Eye Care Mode
  • 96% High color gamut
  • LTPS capacitive touchscreen
  • 16 Million Colors
  • 423 PPI
  • Wider spectrum of colors
  • Colors are gloriously vivid
  • Corning Gorilla Glass Protection

Processor, Networks and its performance

Under the magnificent design is an unexcelled processing power, it’s all due to in-house chipset, you will get 16nm Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 950 SOC (system on chip) with eight core running at 2.3GHz, provides flawless multitasking and seamless gaming experience, while all global will get a phone with the same processor, that quicker than Xiaomi Mi 5, in the real time usage I never feels any hanging experience, not delay to open up any app, even it get restart within 34 seconds, better image and graphic processing as well, I see the overall performance of this smartphone is smooth it’s due to rapid smart file processing technology.

When it comes to the networking part, it support really well 4G, I even check it with open Wi-Fi, support really high speed on Chrome browser, ultimately it passes the speed test on 4G network, and Wi-Fi, the device is capable of supporting up to 300/50 Mbps download/upload over LTE Cat6, never spot any frames rate dips in games.

4GB LPDDR4 @ 1333MHz of RAM might not sound like much anymore, that the other smartphones come with 1800MHz with 6GB and even few more than that, but this Honor 8 has a perfect combination of RAM and 32/64GB internal storage, it gives unstoppable speed. The Honor 8 is equipped with a double antenna to give seamlessly strong signal strength, dual-band Wi-Fi with 2.4/5GHz bands provide brilliant performance and Huawei claims that this handset built-in IR Codes support more than 232740 products from around that globe.

Honor 8 Camera

When it comes to the camera performance and optimization, the device woke up your hopes of a dual camera, yes, it comes with the dual shooter main 12-megapixel monochrome sensor, f/2.2 aperture 1.25 um large pixel size camera, it’s great shooter overall, in a daylight approx. more than 80% phones camera work well, but if you check those in a night will show their original outcome, Honor 8 has really good night performance, even perform well in the dark night using flash light, it features a laser autofocus and dual-LED (dual tone) flash. Notably you will get brilliant pictures in small size, Huawei claim that they especially work on built-in ISP, improved focus and better image processing to achieve better results, in this model Huawei engineers added so many beautiful features which you could use in your daily life, it’s similar image quality to Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7, which is still one of the best smartphone cameras around, I believe it does a really good job.

Huawei Honor 8 Rear Camera Performance and Image Quality
Honor 8 Camera Pictures

Other than this there are so many settings available on Honor 8, you will get those all by swapping left and right, in which few best I found such as Pro photo, pro video, good food, and slow motion modes, on the other hands by swapping right I get few other loving settings in which you can fix your megapixels, GPS setting, capture smile, object tracking. With great sadness it doesn’t support 4K Video recording, but still capable to takes 1080p@60fps, it’s great, besides, when you capture a picture using Honor 8 so it gives you the option to set your aperture manually from f0.95 to f/16 and that’s the great option.

Huawei Honor 8 Review of camera, normal indoor light sample
Huawei Honor 8 Review

The camera app gives more useful options in which I can easily control most of the features by single touch, with this price option the overall camera quality and performance is outstanding.


It used to be about as smooth as a Slippery floor, the first time when you unlock this phone feels you that the item you opened it move out of the display all die to EMUI. The smoothness is equivalent to iPhone7, somehow the UI is designed like an iOS, in other words it’s totally different from default android 6.0 version, this version of EMUI 4.1 is all about smoothness and optimized performance, i am using Huawei Honor 8 FRD-L19 with EMUI 4.1 powered Android 6.0 marshmallow OS, 3.10.94 kernel version and dual IMEI supported, I personally enjoy it’s UI and other installed apps, feels really awesome.

I am a sport lover, I do exercise 5-6 days a week, especially the best pre-installed App I like personally is Health in which I can track my BMI, calorie calculator, and step counting, Other than that you will get some Google apps like search, Gmail, maps, YouTube, drive, hangouts, photos, google plus, play games and many more. It’s easier to use rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, which is really quick of course easier to reach by single hands holding.

Out of the box it support and recognise QR codes and barcodes, the positive point comes out from the company itself where users capable to update (usually security and bug fixes updates) new feature freely for first one year period, when it comes to the smart assistant where it handle motion control, one hand usage, voice control, smart key, and so many more assistance features, on the other hand using Its updater setting you can update your device to new EMUI versions, even the best option is data traffic management setting where you control data, SIM, networks, and Wi-Fi.

I am thinking that Huawei should give one more choice where i can use one camera at once and sometimes both. Possibly Huawei Honor 8 will get Android 7.0 Nougat OS update very soon.

Battery performance of Honor 8

The 3000 mAh non-removable battery looks like the weak link, It’s smaller than Samsung Galaxy S8’s 3500 mAh power, the battery support fast charging and three profiles performance, smart and ultra, I test the quick charging, it takes around 34 minutes to 46% charge, and normally use for around 4 to 5 hours, it easily can go entire day by single charge, but company should more to do on that part, even one time full charge gives around 10.5 hours of contentious video playback, and easily lasted around 10 to 11 hours of heavy use including wireless music streaming to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, this handset battery is not in the list of other competing phones.

The best option is that you up and running your work again in less than 1.8 hours after run out of its power, as per my review on its battery, the battery is sufficient for 1 full day use with half brightness.

Honor 8 Price

The Huawei Honor 8 is now available to buy from Gearbest and so many other retailers around the globe, the price starts from $349 for 4GB and 32GB model, even you if you are a new users so you will possibly get more than 5% discounts, even sometimes in-house offers going on by the GearBest itself, in which you can select these 3 color options, white, black, and blue.

Few Sample Images Captured from Honor 8

Honor 8 Normal Light Image Review
Honor 8 Normal Light Image Review
Honor 8 Main Camera Indoor Picture quality
Honor 8 Main Camera Indoor Picture
Huawei Honor 8 Night Camera Performance
Huawei Honor 8 Night Camera Performance
Huawei Honor 8 - Low Light Image Sample
Huawei Honor 8 – Low Light Image Sample

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